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Maintenance for the week of February 26:
• PC/Mac: No maintenance – February 26

What did you do/are doing during maintenance?

I just wondered what everyone did during the downtime?

What I did was: I realised the PTS was also down so I decided to try another game that's been sat in my steam library for ages. Tried Hellblade Senua's Sacrifice - it seems really great but I got stuck on a boss fight and got frustrated so then tried Metro 2033 Redux which has been in the library untouched for years. Also got some 3d printing going.
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  • Alienoutlaw
    lived my life :)
  • LunaFlora
    miaow! i'm Luna ( she/her ).

    🌸*throws cherry blossom on you*🌸
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  • fizl101
    Worked and just ate dinner
    Soupy twist
  • fall0athboy
    Sleep. Maintenance started 2AM my time, so I slept.
    Work, got home, took a shower, ate food, waiting for servers to come online.
  • YffresTrill
    I had forgotten there was a maintenance. Came home from work, tried to log in as the launcher was not advising of an active maintenance, and kept getting error 200. :D
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  • YandereGirlfriend
    Isn't the maintenance still going on?
  • BronwenD
    Caught up on household chores, mainly batch cooking for the next week 🤣
  • TheImperfect
    Isn't the maintenance still going on?

    Yeah, but it can't be much longer hopefully.
  • LouisaB75
    Work, dinner, pots, laundry, fed the cats. Now hanging out here waiting for the servers to come back online.
  • derkaiserliche
    I am testing other games, since the support doesnt unlock my 2nd account full of paid crowns for gifting
  • arctangent
    Soul Shriven
    Waited at the car dealer for the maintenance on car to be done while silently cursing the cost.
  • Ardaghion
    I'm making Imperial cooking boxes for BDO. I make about 75 million per day with very little upfront cost, although 75 million is peanuts in BDO. Children will often give you a quest that pays 100,000 silver.
  • dutchusuk
    Preparing my 1 year round the world trip, leaving 14 december.
  • maboleth
    Tweaked Manjaro Linux further installing other apps.
  • EdjeSwift
    Dovershark wrote: »
    I actually spoke to my wife and kids, they seem like nice people.

    Oh no... we're gonna lose another one... next thing you know you're gonna be in a station wagon on your way to Wally World.
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  • OutLaw_Nynx
    Scrolling YouTube.
  • TaSheen
    Ordered a new computer (so I have it before this 9 year old one decides to die); made lunch for husband; moved snow off the upper deck; washed my two feet or so of hair....

    But even in books, the heroes make mistakes, and there isn't always a happy ending.

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  • TheImperfect
    dutchusuk wrote: »
    Preparing my 1 year round the world trip, leaving 14 december.

    oooh nice, that's going to be fun.
  • Kitziboo
    Housework this morning, Starfield this afternoon and am now busy clicking refresh every minute in case it comes back early 😺
  • Enemy-of-Coldharbour
    Work. :/

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  • thorwyn
    Talked to my family. Turns out they are actually quite decent people.
    Or maybe it's that I realised that it is true
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    No one except yourself that is, no one except you
    You are the one who's got your back 'til the last deed's done
  • Khrogo
    Working. This evening, fed the family then baked a quick loaf of bread
  • adirondack
    Well since maintenance has been extended by four hours I guess I might get some Christmas shopping started.
  • MrGarlic
    Slept. It was mostly night time here. Might have breakfast now because maintenance seems to have gone over time.
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  • OutLaw_Nynx
    Banner is gone, can’t login tho :/
  • ApoAlaia
    Better find something to do for the next 4 hours...
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