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Why ESO is never perfect and why exactly that is needed

This title might be a bit misleading but I really wish to use the server downtime to start a discussion with you folks here. :wink:

Why is ESO the MMO we are playing?
Surely not because it is a perfect MMO. ESO is neither the best PVP MMO nor has it the best endgame nor is it the best tech-wise. There are plenty of areas where the game is lacking... and from my point of view that is the exact reason why I personally love ESO. Because the game isn't perfect.

There will always be new overpowered combos, there will always be severe bugs and there are also things that feel weak gameplay-wise. However, i still think those experiences are one thing the game needs. This game is ever-changing and I'd be damned if it someday will stop (either because it became "perfect") or because the servers are down eventually.

But while the game exists I'm kind of glad the game develops with us - the ESO community. :)
Because that is one of the few things I really consider mostly perfect in ESO, I had my share of many other online communities and I never had such a nice and fulfilling one as the one in ESO.

I really would love for your experiences in ESO to be written here.
  • LunaFlora
    i play Elder Scrolls Online, because i like Elder Scrolls.

    not because it's an mmo nor because it has pvp which i don't really love anyways.

    i've enjoyed Skyrim for more than a decade and this Elder Scrolls game is really fun too.

    i love eso's
    - fashion, though i do wish i could hide the tassets and loincloths
    - housing
    - pets
    - adornments
    - mounts
    - quests
    - zones
    - music
    - creatures
    - classes

    and it's really awesome that i can play this mmorpg with playstation.
    miaow! i'm Luna ( she/her ).

    🌸*throws cherry blossom on you*🌸
    "Eagles advance, traveler! And may the Green watch and keep you."
    PlayStation and PC EU.
    LunaLolaBlossom on psn.
    LunaFloraBlossom on pc.
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