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Arms Packs Idea

I had an idea having ruminated on character customisation somewhat with regards to weaponry. As an advocate of choice in customisation as shown in previous posts and comments I think it would be a great idea for ZOS to throw us a bone so to speak and change the way arm packs (specifically those themed after dungeon bosses in particular) work with respect to what we are actually purchasing.

In previous discussions the idea of weapon effects as part of the outfit station has been broached and received pretty positive feedback with little to no disagreement with the concept. That concept being the idea of adding the ability to add effects to our outfit weapons regardless of enchant/poison to further refine our character's aesthetics. This has also proved to provide an adequate solution to the current Nightblade permanent glow issue as while largely unpopular, it has advocates in the form of people who like having glow effects on their weapons. I believe this should be a more developed feature to character customisation itself and not locked behind one spell of one class.

People are always asking for more in game rewards. It seems apt for the arms packs both released and due to be released to be broken down into the actual weapon models (which I believe should be an ultra rare reward for completing the relevant content in game also, think crown crate apex reward odds), and the unique effects that are currently attached (which can be kept as crown store exclusive or only unlocked after all weapon types of that theme are collected). Doing this would not only provide an avenue for players to access the well designed dungeon boss weapons/equipment like they can for monster helms without having to pay, but also the ability to allow the unique effects which is often the draw for people to purchase the packs to be applied to all our collected weapon styles/motifs. On top of this there is the added benefit of revitalising the older content in game by providing new grinding rewards that people actually want. Adding value for money and broadening the application and depth of the released content. I think this would prove a popular idea with the player base and improve engagement with the content so both the customers and ZOS benefit.

The character customisation really needs some love in the form of the actual system itself, because there is a lot of customisation on offer in ESO, its just not maximised to its potential with regards to how we can interact and use it. I hearken back to the idea of recategorising the categories into more refined subcategories or allowing multiple of certain categories to be used at once (so many tattoos in the game but we can only use one at a time). Weapon customisation in particular could do with some fleshing out beyond more styles/motifs and this seems like a great idea (at least to me) to achieve that.
Love to hear others thoughts on this.
  • aspergalas4
    To add, and provide an example of application. The Ilambris arms pack has the cool fire effect but I don't particularly like the weapon model as it has undyeable components (the molten blade edge), it would be great if this fire effect could be applied to my Ancient Daedric Axe motif or Firedrake staff.

    Molag Kena sword? Let me put the lightning effect on my Stormlord sword. Iceheart effect? let me put that on my Rkindaleft Dwarven or Frostcaster weapons. The applications are endless.
  • aspergalas4
    Find it hard to believe no one has any further input here.
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