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More guilds

Soul Shriven
While this game is greatly and nearly 10 years old, I was wondering if there is any plans in the future to add more guild slots at all. I know there were comments years ago to add more but nothing has been done. Between trader guilds, friends guilds, to those that enjoy PVP and even roleplaying at least one or two more would be nice.
  • Tandor
    I doubt that it's possible, given that they have severe database capacity issues which they claimed were the cause of abolishing character-specific achievements.

    Besides, most MMOs give you one guild slot. Surely five ought to be more than enough.
  • ThyMorningGlory
    I would also appreciate this as two of my guild ate inactive but can’t drop due to nostalgia.
    Butterflyy Wing
  • LikiLoki
    Why do you need more boxes for people. These are just arrays. It is necessary for the developer to make guilds real Guilds, expand the rank system, install a mechanism for automatic transfer of gold for Clans with tax, a sales control system, a contract system between a guild and a mercenary, a mechanism for clan wars, guild houses, unique guild quests and a unique guild currency, guild bonuses for combat or trade, depending on the type of guild. That's when it will make sense to have different types of guilds in your set. What TESO has now is just a chat for 500 people, and a commander who is trying to make the guild interesting on his own. Do zos want to help this person? They seem to think that the very concept of a gaming guild is nonsense that can be left useless.
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