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Everything in my bank is gone/deleted while playing

  • Pleazantry
    **I apologize in advance for posting on an old thread, but these forums confuse the beejeezus out of me.**

    Beware everyone. Looks like it's happeneing again. My personal bank vault is now empty! Approx two hours ago, everything disappeared. I have a ticket submitted and put in for a call back. Ebonheart Pact, NA server.

    I have been collecting every food and drink mats that I could find for weeks now (I've been playing since early access). I took all of my weapon/armor mats OUT of my personal bank and put them into my Guild bank. I then took all of my food/drink mats out of my Guild bank and put them into my personal bank (vault). I cannot craft items from a Guild bank, only items from my personal vault, which is why I was doing the switch in the first place. My Guild bank is also only accessible by me.

    As I was getting down to the letter M's (alphabet) I was forced out of the game by a crash and had to log back in. In the process of logging back in, I was no longer at the Eyevea bank, instead I was logged into the Mages Guild in the Rift. This is not where I was standing when I was booted. I was standing at the Eyevea bank when my game crashed. (technically, I crashed several times -10x at least - since the latest update) I took that teleport back to the Eyevea bank and found my personal bank empty. Not one single ingredient is there. I have been collecting and looting from every box, barrel, cupboard and bag and now they are gone. I had everything from the letter A to the letter M placed into my vault, most in stacks of 100 or close to it.. many were multiple stacks of 100. Now I too must play the waiting game.

    I have received this message back from CS...
    Response By Email (Mario) (06/29/2014 01:21 AM)
    Hail and well met, adventurer!

    Thank you for contacting The Elder Scrolls Online Team!

    Thank you Pleasant for this information. It will be very useful for us as we investigate the issue and get it resolved. Once we have resolved the issue, you will be contacted via mail to inform you of this.

    Please accept my apologies and be patient during this process as we will take care of you. Thank you.

    May you break many anchors!

    You can find more information about The Elder Scrolls Online on our website and social channels (Facebook, Twitter, and Google+).

    Thank you for your continued interest and support!

    Warm Regards,
    The Elder Scrolls Online Team
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  • Rotherhans
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  • Domander
    "Thank you Pleasant for this information."

    that's reassuring....
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