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Strange bug, is it related with addon?

Please see on picture. I have for all addons changes set to account wide.
But on this character, maxed out all skills, when I enter crafting mode, the game menu hides and doesn't show most content. I see that bug catcher notices a bug but I can't check it or I don't know where to look.
Once I enter this crafting view I cannot quit crafting, or close the game from in game menu - it doesn't respond nor show a menu, nothing happens when hitting ESC.
It refers to crafting in all skills.
Helps only Alt+Tab, close game from desktop and start over.

Weird is I have other alts, where I do crafting dailies, writs without this problem. Only this one Argonian is affected.

What can be a problem on this single character? Enclosed a list of addons, any in particular can make a conflict?
PS. all addons are updated in Minion on a daily basis.

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  • Nestor
    Just to be sure, you have all your LIB files updated?

    Does this behavour go away if you disable all the addons? If so, add back all the addons that should not alter to add to the UI first. The test. Then add back any crafting addons, then addback an UI addons.
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  • perfiction
    Second screen shows that you have Bug Catcher (and it caught 1 bug). When this happens next time check the error log, it's source of useful information, it literally shows you which addon causes the UI crash.
    Edited by perfiction on April 27, 2022 10:09PM
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