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warden ,dk and nightblade heals not working

is anyone else finding that these three classes are having issues where the heals are a fraction of what they should be so much so you cannot heal yourself at all like green dragon blood. i have heard from a few players in my guild asking me why there skills dont work at all and saying they see like 1% of what normal heals should be. Is anyone else getting issues with this as i dont see anyone else posting anything about this but these players have all put in big reports and said this has been happening for weeks so before the mid year mayhem so its not just lag from this event. these were pointed out to me before the event but as no one has posted about it i thought i would and see if anyone else has had issues with there heals on those characters
  • robpr
    And then there are people that heal themselves back to full with one resolving vigor under heavy attack from multiple people and stamina blastbones exploding. Heals are as consistent as trying to use the potion under lag.
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