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God of the Gauntlet - Tank/Healer/2 Stamina Nightblades DD

Our God of the Gauntlet run, we did it the way it was made to play with no exploits/pale order or extreme 3 DD skip mechanic combo.

Both DD's are Stamina Nightblades which is a feat we are very proud of just as much! :)

Date: 29/11/21
Score: 100040.
Rank 13 EU.
@Perfiction - Healer.
@Perkoper - Bow/Bow Stamina DD.
@Eliran - Duel Wield/Duel Wield Stamina DD.

Ironically enough, even though its "The Run" we made it, I think that out of all of our almost Unchained runs, this one is one of the worst .. we had too many 23/24 runs before it .. :D

You can watch the full footage including our Discord hype after we've got it ...

Please don't criticize for double horns, panic mass on some rounds or me failing my rotation/weaving :p , its tons of stress and tank couldn't join our discord ... our run is far from perfect but we are proud of it! :wink:

Sorry in advance for the laggy recording (I thought I would increase the quality of the recording and ended up with a laggy recording ... )
For some odd reason YouTube refuse to let me upload the video in a high quality regardless the fact it is very high quality on the original file.

Enjoy and thanks for watching!
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