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[PC][NA] Lorethar's || 18+ Lore Adherent RP And Relaxing Community


What are we?: We are a community of 18+ individuals that form a relaxing community of chill vibes and lore adherent quality RP. We like to take it easy and enjoy ourselves first, always.

Who are we?: We are an openly legal neutral guild based out of Leyawiin and operating under the name Lorethar's Talent and Acquisitions. We are contracted out by clients to perform duties in direct accordance with said contracts. We seek to attract the attention of towns, aristocrats, or everyday citizens in need of a range of services. Whether that is guarding a merchant caravan, helping to procure items of value, rescue missions, investigations, etc. No contract is beyond our purview. Guild members who complete contracts are paid in gold.

When do we RP?: Since we’re across at least three time zones it’s difficult to find the right time. Typically however Saturday nights will be our night from 7 pm EST/11 am AEDT onward.

In-game year: We follow the common RP concept that each year after launch corresponds to one in-game year. Given that the game launched in 2014 the following are the corresponding years we use:

2014: 2E 582
2015: 2E 583
2016: 2E 584
2017: 2E 585
2018: 2E 586
2019: 2E 587
2020: 2E 588
2021: 2E 589
2022: 2E 590
2023: 2E 591

If you are interested in joining, please reach out to Shadock#4038 on discord.
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