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Gates of Oblivion Year-End Stream - Post Show Q&A Thread

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Our Gates of Oblivion Year-End Stream will be live on next Friday, October 1 at 4PM EDT where we'll be giving you a behind-the-scenes look at the upcoming Deadlands DLC with members of the ESO Dev Team. Afterwards, we'll be hosting a post show Q&A with ESO's Creative Director, focusing on the Deadlands DLC and Update 32.

If you have questions you'd like us to consider for the Q&A, either based on what you've played on the PTS, read on the forums or other community sites, or seen on various livestreams, please post them here by end of day Monday, September 27. We'll do our best to answer as many questions as we can! Please make sure to keep your questions succinct and only about either the Deadlands DLC or Update 32.

Thanks, and looking forward to seeing everyone on Twitch next week!
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  • KingArthasMenethil
    A lore question and a question from the PTS
    What is the Difference between an Oblivion Gate and a Oblivion portal? As it seems to me that they are same thing just with a different door so to speak and both are used during the same time period (i.e Oblivion gates in Valenwood during the City of Ash Dungeon and in Blackwood with the Rockgrove Trial). Also the Blackwood main quest having like mini Gates which spawn a few enemies and then close.

    What's with Oblivion Portals spawning in the Deadlands is it a clan feud? Or is Dagon invading himself to keep his Dremora in perfect fighting condition?
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  • Aliyavana
    1. Inferniums are a new creature type in the Deadlands DLC, which resemble the Siege Crawler from TES 4: Oblivion. Are they related?

    2. Trivium made a guitar modeled after Mehrunes Dagon's axe for the #AxeOfOblivion promotion, yet we know nothing of the item it is based on. Can you tell us more about Dagon's axe, such as if it's an artifact that he gives out to his champions? If so, does it have a unique name?

    2. The secondary antagonist of The Deadlands DLC is a Dremora named Valkynaz Nokvroz. In the official trailer, official promotion, and in-game, there is a huge emphasis on his awesome sword. Is this weapon anything special, such as possibly the legendary Sword of the Moon Reiver?
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  • ESO_Nightingale
    Following the changes to the elemental succession set and given the reasons for the change explained in the logs, do you guys have future ideas to make the Ysgramor's Birthright and Netch's Touch sets better via having more powerful and plentiful supporting skills? Since especially for Ysgramor's Birthright, the biggest underlying problem with the set is the severe lack of viable damage options to go with it.
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  • TiaFrye
    I was so exited to hop somewhere outside of Nirn in this DLC. Love how Fargrave turned out!

    Question: Is it possible that city of Fargrave (being a hub in between realms) will somehow host portals to other planes of Oblivion in game's future? Aside from already exiting portals to the other parts of this year long story.

    And future plans aside, then at least to our beloved Coldharbour?
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  • Izanagi.Xiiib16_ESO
    @ZOS_GinaBruno Feel free to hold some of these questions but I think they are really important for the community to hear from you guys. Especially the first one.

    Q: Will any PVP content be added in the next year? Focus on performance is good but is has been years without resolution and it feels like all PVP development has been halted because of this. Content would include More BG types (Not maps) e.g. 12v12 20v20. Updates to the Cyrodiil Map and faction war mechanics etc.

    Q: Will the Armory system be available in Cyrodiil or will players have to use workarounds for this?
    Q: Will the 'Slow walking' bug be investigated for this patch? (example of bug: Q: Will the Position Desync bug be investigated for this patch? (example of bug: Q: Will Dark Convergence continue to be allowed to pull players outside of structures with placements on walls?
    Q: Will Plaguebreak continue to punish players for other player actions on them. E.g. being purged by someone else via a set, being purged by your netch as a warden, hitting a synergy which purifys you due to the way synergies are ordered now. Shouldn't there be some counterplay e.g. a circle you can walk out of or avoid in some manner?

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  • Nexerous
    Will we get more Oblivion realms as explorable zones in future content? If so, can you give us a hint on which ones are currently planned?
  • fizl101
    Really looking forward to the Armoury function as a console player. If the current technical challenges can be mitigated, is there a chance of seeing Mundus stones included in the character build?

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  • Tommy_The_Gun
    Q: Are we gonna see further "hybridisation" changes in the future ? What are your plans / vision of the game in that regard ? Will spell damage and weapon damage at some become just a unified "damage" stat ?

    Q: Spears (new weapon skill line). Any plans for something like that ?
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  • Thannazzar
    Does the panel recognise that the Vampire skill line is in a dire position and is completely outclassed by werewolf at all levels.

    Was this the designers intent and does it need another re-vamp?
  • SunnyToday
    Soul Shriven
    Since there are so many quality of life improvement in this update, especially when it comes to RNG drop rates, does it also improve antiquity lead drop chances?
  • wildbear247
    1) Is it possible to allow the new Armory feature to be accessed at Cyrodiil home bases? -- It's such a cool feature, shame to not allow PvP a way to access it in Cyrodiil.

    2) Similar to the above, any plans to add skill respec shrines in Cyrodiil? -- This would be especially helpful when there is a long queue.

    Both would be cool QoL updates for PvP.
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  • KhajiitLivesMatter
    any new infos about performance especily in crodiil ?
  • Celephantsylvius_Bornasfinmo
    Will there be a new content relating to a new Alliance War or ...a new alliance?
  • Zenzuki
    The introduction of Roaming Bosses had me recall the new cinematic where it appears to show a similar thing happening in Base game zones.

    If the roaming bosses are well received and mechanically sound, what are the chances of seeing them added to new zones as well as to base zones to "freshen" them up?
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  • Dark_Lord_Kuro
    Could we get an update on the ps5 trophy situation please
  • allumo
    Can we get proper servers with decent quality?
  • Parasaurolophus
    • At the announcement of the Blackwood chapter, Gina said that the game will be installed on new servers this year. But since then there have been no announcements about this. Any information?
    • Will U32 have a new arena with new unique weapons or a new trial? Will there be a new companion?
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  • LadySinflower
    Odovacar wrote: »
    I heard we cannot use our armory assistants while in-game...

    Q: Will you consider letting players use their new armory assistants in-game during trials, dungeons, etc.?

    This would be a very large QOL improvement for everyone especially for us on consoles where we do not have the ability to use add-ons.

    I'm not from ZOS but I think someone gave you wrong information. We can use the armory assistant while in game, with a few exceptions. They can correct me if I misunderstood, but we cannot use the armory assistant:

    1. In PvP areas like Cyrodiil and IC.
    2. In any activity where there's a leader board involved (trials, Battlegrounds, again PvP).
    3. I think they also said arenas.

    I'm not sure about solo only areas like vateshran and maelstrom. I am pretty sure we CAN use him in dungeons. There's no competition between players in dungeons.

    The restriction seemed to be based on not being able to use the armory assistant in an area where it might give you an unfair advantage over other players. They don't want you to go into Cyrodiil and suddenly switch to a god-mode build mid fight, for example. Or if you think you're losing in a battleground, you won't be able to pull him out and switch builds to change your strategy.

    They did say that we could use the armory assistant just outside those areas though. For me, that prompted a question.

    In trials, there is that staging area with a merchant and crafting tables before you go through the door into the actual trial. Can the armory assistant be used there, or do you have to completely exit the trial?

    They will probably get around to officially answering your question eventually but I hope I could provide a bit of insight in the meantime.
  • Tornaad
    Are there any plans to expand storylines for existing zones/guilds like for example the Dark Brotherhood, Fighter's Guild, or Mage's Guild?
  • SugondeseNutz
    Are there any plans to give medium armor any sort of accommodation to the crit damage cap, such as changing the Dexterity passive to match Grim Focus (IE- swapping Crit Damage to Damage done)? With it being so easy to hit the cap on Stam, this adds another point of friction between mag and stam comps as a mag comp (the most common comp) will likely be running EC+Chilled to ensure that their characters hit cap, and Stam effectively loses their armor passive in that case.
  • Ergele
    Q: Any plans on veteran overland or at least different ways to make overland harder for end game level players?
  • cro25519
    Question #1:

    How come AMDs fidelity FX was not implemented alongside DLSS?

    I believe FFX is much easier to implement, in fact you can use outside programs to do it now too, though not very efficient compared to built in.

    Was it due to some partnership between ZOS and Nvidia?

    Question #2:

    What is the story behind design of the new house (the one in the new city outside deadlands). It looks so beautiful, was the housing team inspired from somewhere? I would love to know.
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  • ZOS_GinaBruno
    Community Manager
    Hi everyone, thanks so much for all the questions so far! Just a reminder to please focus questions specifically on the Deadlands or anything in Update 32; we don't plan to get into content or features beyond Update 32 in this Q&A.
    Gina Bruno
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