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PC/Mac Patch Notes v7.1.7

Community Manager
The Elder Scrolls Online v7.1.7 fixes several issues in the Waking Flame dungeons, some game crashes, an issue affecting taunts, and more. We have also made a temporary change affecting Battlegrounds so that Solo and Group queues will only offer the Deathmatch game mode for a period of time. For more information on this change, please visit this forum post. The size of this incremental patch is approximately 145MB.


  • Dread Cellar
    • Magma Incarnate
      • Reduced the duration and frequency of Blitz Burn.
      • Daedric Outburst is now only present when the Challenge Banner has been placed.
  • Red Petal Bastion
    • General
      • Players who die to Rockslide Rush will no longer receive credit for the Stampede Shuffle achievement, as intended.
      • The Bastion Breaker achievement now correctly states it needs to be completed within 25 mins.
    • Eliam Merrick
      • The Shockwave ability no longer has a chance to hit targets twice in rapid succession.
      • Eliam no longer has a chance to get stuck on a ledge when jumping into the fight space.


  • Fixed an issue where some pull abilities such as Fiery Grip or Silver Leash could cause taunting target context to break, creating situations where monsters would not respect whoever taunted them most recently.

  • Storm Calling
    • Bolt Escape: Fixed an erroneous VO shout that would occur when using this ability and its morphs.

PvP Sourced
  • Hrothgar's Chill:
    • This item set now deals 13% of the added Physical and Spell Resistance on the initial target, down from 26%.
    • This set now ignores mitigation on all targets to ensure it remains a potent tank punishing set.
    • Fixed an issue where the explosion damage of this set was not being affected by Battle Spirit.


  • All Battleground queues are set to offer Deathmatch game modes only.

  • Fixed an issue where visuals for the Battlefield Nightmare Senche mount would have a low graphic quality on the character select screen.

  • Fixed an issue where the Leaderboard Notification sound would still play when the setting for receiving those notifications is disabled.

  • Sanctum Ophidia
    • Stonebreaker
      • Reduced the damage and radius of the Poison Blast ability which is triggered when players die while affected with Spreading Poison.

  • Corrected an issue that prevented the water streaming off the sides of the “Leyawiin Fountain, Round” from being visible.

  • Reduced the chance of encountering a crash when multithreaded rendering is enabled. The crash could have occurred in a variety of scenarios, including when trying to resize the client window.
  • Fixed a rare crash that could happen when leaving an area while a quest is updating waypoint locations.
  • Fixed a rare crash that could happen when observing another player log out while sheathing their weapons.

  • Fixed a crash that could occur right after startup.
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