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PS4 - Mail attachment suddenly disappeared

Yesterday I had on PS4 EU server 10 mails that had still the warning "<1 day" left before expiring. I was able to collect 9 of those attachments, items were treasure maps, but one attachment of one mail misteryously disappeared when I tried to collect it. Even thought I had, maybe, already collected it but when I checked the treasure map wasn't in the char's inventory.
It couldn't be related to expiring time because I could collect 2 attachments that were in 2 older mails.

Not sure if it's related, or maybe the cause of this, but I pick up those 10 mails with 2 different chars after I got the error code "CE-34878-0" 4 times in a row while I was trying to deconstruct items at Vivec City's crafting tables. On the 5th attempt to deconstruct items I travelled to my home, and I could deconstruct items because the game stopped crashing.

Anyone else ever experienced this with mail's attachment(s)?
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  • ScaniX
    Don't know if it is related, but I recently had one attachment disappear from an expired item mail from the guild store. The mail was brand new and I took the attachment and deleted the mail right after. The item never arrived in my inventory, it was a companion item, so it would have been easy to find.
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