Big upcoming PC-EU GvG- Tournament! Small Scale AND Ball Groups!!!

Soul Shriven
Hello there,

as you probably heard of already, I am hosting a big PvP- GvG event on PC-EU.
Group sizes are 4v4, 6v6, 12v12 with a prize pool of 5m gold per section (small scale / ballgroup) - Small Scale fights will be held in noCP IC / ball group fights probably in CP IC.

You want to prove that your small scale or raid guild or just even a group of friends, is doing well? You want to improve and fight other strong players? You are new to PvP and want to see what real endgame PvP looks like? You want to have a friendly environment with no flame and toxic behaviour?
Then you should definitely apply for it and give it a try! Who knows, maybe you´ll win and earn some big moneys ;) .

The date of the event and rules are not 100% fixed yet and will be updated in the discord server as soon as we figured it out.

You are interested and want to apply? Feel free to add me:
Ingame: @RealBasedGodOwnZz
Discord: RealBasedGodOwnZz#9986

We´re still looking for some jury members aswell.
Requirements are following:

- experience in the game and advanced pvp knowledge
- calm personality
- streaming friendly phrasing
- don´t be biased
(probably even comment the fights together with our twitch streamers)

Also our twitch streamer(s) gonna make a crown giveaway so stay tuned and don´t miss the event!

Would appreciate no flame or toxicness in general in the comments. Keep it friendly, it´s time to enjoy PvP together, as a COMMUNITY!

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  • NirnStorm
    Looking forward to this, gonna be a great time!
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  • Daffen
    Finally going to be some GvG's. Long time since last time.
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