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Wrothgar Relic Hunter List Glitch

I'm not sure if this is just the list itself bugged and simply isn't showing collected items as collected, or if the entire collection is, so I figured I'd post here to report the issue and find a fix if possible.

I was affected by the recently fixed bug where Wrothgar relics collected wouldn't place properly in the museum. With the fix included in the latest patch, I decided to go complete the collection. So, I collected the first item (the Chalice). I placed the Frostbreak Chalice no issue, but then I noticed both the Agra Crun and Uzdabikh's Helm were on their stands but not marked off on the list.

Now I'm wondering if I can complete the collection since I can't get these two relics back to replace them like I can the others. I'm hoping its just an issue of the list not displaying collected relics as marked off properly, rather than a glitch similar to the one just fixed, but I don't to gather all the relics again to find out its still bugged and can't be completed.

Here is my character standing in front of both items, showing them on their stand but not highlighted in the achievement list. Thank you all for any assistance on this.

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