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PC/Mac Patch Notes v6.3.5 - Flames of Ambition DLC & Update 29

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Welcome to The Elder Scrolls Online v6.3.5, featuring the Flames of Ambition DLC and the start of the Gates of Oblivion year-long adventure! This DLC adds two new 4-player dungeons for you to tackle - Black Drake Villa and The Cauldron – in addition to several new item sets, collectibles, achievements, and furnishings.

Update 29, the latest base game update free for all players, brings about a number of significant changes and new features. First and foremost, we’ve updated the entire Champion Point system with a new UI and all-new stars to choose for your characters. Equipped Armor pieces also now passively augment your character’s effectiveness, and you can view additional combat stats in a new Advanced Stats UI.

Housing enthusiasts will be excited to utilize a new feature to fast travel outside your home, and we’ve made several improvements when previewing furnishings and houseguests. We’ve also added many new furnishings for you to enjoy!

Please note all skills are reset due to the issue outlined in this forum post, and all CP is reset due to the new Champion System. For the next two weeks, we’ll be running the Heroes Reforged mini-event where you can enjoy unlimited free respecs (and don’t forget to claim your free Ambersheen Vale Fawn pet!) We hope you enjoy this latest update, which is approximately 2.02GB in size.

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  • ZOS_GinaBruno
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    Flames of Ambition DLC

    New Dungeons
    • Black Drake Villa: Tucked away in the northern Gold Coast sits an abandoned villa built as a retreat for former Emperor Durcorach, the Black Drake. Rumors tell of a vast library deep below that holds knowledge pillaged from across Tamriel. Hired by a mysterious benefactor, Eveli Sharp-Arrow arrives in search of a valuable book and a little adventure, but she soon discovers someone has set fire to the underground archive. Join Eveli in a race to find the book and defeat the forces behind the consuming blaze.
    • The Cauldron: Long-forgotten ritual sites and ruins of the past fill the mountains of western Deshaan and serve as enticing sources of power for devious forces. When the citizens of a quiet Dark Elf village start to go missing, all eyes turn to the sinister cult residing in a nearby abandoned mine. Delve deep underground to rescue the kidnapped people and stop a dark ritual before it can unleash destruction.
    • Black Drake Villa and The Cauldron are 4-player dungeons which can be reached via the Gold Coast and Deshaan respectively.
      • Black Drake Villa’s entrance is in the northern Gold Coast, with the entrance east of the Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary.
      • The Cauldron’s entrance is located in western Deshaan, west of the West Narsis Wayshrine. Did we mention you need to go west?
    • Both Dungeons include a Normal version in addition to a challenging Veteran version. In addition, Black Drake Villa features challenging Hard Modes for each of the three boss encounters.
    • There are unique item sets, including two new Undaunted Monster Mask sets, only available within the Dungeons, in addition to the following rewards:
      • Unique achievement awards
      • Unique Skin
      • A unique memento
      • Several Titles
      • Unique housing items

    New Item Sets
    There are several new item sets that are obtained through the two new dungeons:
    • Blake Drake Villa
      • True-Sworn Fury (Light Armor)
        • 2 – Adds 687 Spell Critical
        • 3 – Adds 129 Spell Damage
        • 4 – Adds 1096 Maximum Magicka
        • 5 – Adds 708 Spell Critical and increases your Critical Damage by 4%. This bonus doubles to 1416 Spell Critical and 8% increased Critical Damage when you are under 75% Health. This bonus quadruples to 2832 Spell Critical and 16% increased Critical Damage when you are under 50% Health.
      • Kinras’s Wrath (Medium Armor)
        • 2 – Adds 129 Weapon Damage
        • 3 – Adds 657 Weapon Critical
        • 4 – Adds 129 Weapon Damage
        • 5 – Dealing damage with a Light or Heavy Attack grants you a stack of Burning Heart for 5 seconds, up to 5 stacks. While you have 5 stacks, you generate an aura of wrath, granting you Major Berserk, increasing your damage by 10%. While you have an aura of wrath, Allies within 12 meters of you gain Minor Berserk, increasing their damage done by 5%.
      • Drake’s Rush (Heavy Armor)
        • 2 – Adds 1206 Maximum Health
        • 3 – Adds 1096 Maximum Stamina
        • 4 – Adds 1096 Maximum Stamina
        • 5 – When you Bash an enemy, you and up to 3 group members within 15 meters of you gain Major Heroism for 12 seconds, granting you 3 Ultimate every 1.5 seconds. This effect can occur once every 18 seconds.
      • Encratis’s Behemoth (Monster Mask)
        • 1 – Adds 1096 Maximum Magicka
        • 2 – Dealing Flame Damage to an enemy grants you Behemoth’s Aura for 12 seconds that reaches up to 12 meters. You and up to 11 group members in the aura reduce Flame Damage taken by 5%. Enemies in the aura increase their Flame Damage taken by 5%. This effect can occur once every 15 seconds.
    • The Cauldron
      • Unleashed Ritualist (Light Armor)
        • 2 – Adds 1096 Maximum Magicka
        • 3 – Adds 1096 Maximum Magicka
        • 4 – Adds 1096 Maximum Magicka
        • 5 – Dealing damage to an enemy applies Ritualist’s Mark to them for 10 seconds. Enemies with your Ritualist’s Mark take an additional 16% damage from your summoned pets.
        Developer Comment:
        This includes pets summoned from other item sets such as Mad Tinkerer and Defiler. This does not include “pet-like” effects, such as the Cliff Racer from the Dive ability or Honor from the Coldharbour’s Favorite set.
      • Dagon’s Dominion (Medium Armor)
        • 2 – Adds 129 Weapon Damage
        • 3 – Adds 1096 Maximum Stamina
        • 4 – Adds 129 Weapon Damage
        • 5 – Adds 492 Weapon Damage to your area of effect abilities
        Developer Comment:
        This set adds 492 Weapon damage to your Area of Effect healing abilities, such as Vigor and Soothing Spores as well.
      • Foolkiller’s Ward (Heavy Armor)
        • 2 – Adds 1487 Armor
        • 3 – Adds 1487 Armor
        • 4 – Adds 1206 Maximum Health
        • 5 – Activating Block while in combat places a damage shield on you and 3 group members within 18 meters for 2 seconds that absorbs 4000 direct damage. If a damage shield breaks, the wearer of the shield restores 5680 Magicka and Stamina. This effect can occur once every 30 second if a damage shield broke. This effect can occur once every 10 seconds if no damage shields broke.
      • Baron Zaudrus (Monster Mask)
        • 1 – Adds 548 Maximum Stamina
        • 1 – Adds 548 Maximum Magicka
        • 1 – Adds 603 Maximum Health
        • 2 – Applying a status effect to an enemy grants you a stack of Zaudrus’s Ambition for 10 seconds, up to 3 stacks max. When you gain 3 stacks, the stacks are removed and you gain 4 Ultimate. On gaining Ultimate, you cannot gain additional stacks of Zaudrus’s Ambition for 1 second.

    New Collectibles, Outfit Styles & Dyes
    • Illusory Salamander Stone Memento: Obtained by completing the Black Drake Villa Conqueror achievement. 
    • Dagon's Viscerent Skin: Obtained by completing the Cauldron Conqueror achievement. 
    • Fire-Forged Maul Outfit Style: Obtained by earning the Flames of Ambition Explorer achievement. 
    • Scintillating Scarlet Dye: Obtained by completing the Flames of Ambition Delver achievement. 

    New Achievements and Titles 
    Flames of Ambition introduces over 30 new achievements, four new titles and one new dye.  
    • The "Ardent Bibliophile" title is earned by completing the Ardent Bibliophile Achievement. 
    • The "Flamechaser" title is earned by completing the Snuffed Out Achievement. 
    • The "Subterranean Smasher" title is earned by completing the Subterranean Smasher Achievement. 
    • The "Spark of Vengeance" title is earned by completing the Schemes Disrupted Achievement. 

    New Furnishings 
    New Bust and Trophy furnishings have been added to commemorate victory in the Black Drake Villa and The Cauldron dungeons. 
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  • ZOS_GinaBruno
    Community Manager

    • Asylum Sanctorium
      • Saint Olms
        • The visual effects from Static Shield will now persist for as long as the effect is active.
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  • ZOS_GinaBruno
    Community Manager

    • Scalecaller Peak
      • The Lacerate ability used by Gargoyles now has a large telegraph to indicate it can be blocked.
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  • ZOS_GinaBruno
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    Sunspire Trial
    • General
      • Alkosh’s Will’s Storm Leap ability will no longer damage player characters outside the telegraphed area.
    • Nahviintaas
      • Nahviintaas’s Sweeping Breath ability will no longer appear to be angled over enemy’s heads.
      • Vigil Statues will now always display their Stone Shield visuals when active.
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  • ZOS_GinaBruno
    Community Manager

    • Fixed some abnormal textures that would appear on Rada al-Sahran’s wings.

    • Kyne’s Aegis
      • Lord Falgravn
        • Lord Falgravn’s prisoners are no longer able to be affected by player abilities.
        • Prisoners once again provide their boon if rescued.

    • The "Lothid Clan Liberator" achievement now properly references the name of the relevant quest, "For Love Betrayed." 

    • Fixed a minor typo in the Lore entry for the Portrait of Lady Vadaya. 
    • Slightly adjusted the placement of some possible Antiquity excavation locations to prevent critters from running through them. 
    • Fixed an issue where the false positives found when searching for Thrassian Stranglers were Trash quality. They are now White quality, as intended. 
    • Adjusted a possible Antiquity location in central Murkmire to prevent frogs from rudely hopping straight through the dirt mound. 
    • Fixed an issue where Scrying for Antiquities in Markarth wouldn't properly display possible dig sites on the map.
    • Fixed a rare crash that could occur when closing the Antiquities Scrying screen.

    • A Feast of Souls: Fixed an issue where your character could be dropped beneath the floor after retrieving the Keystone during this quest.
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  • ZOS_GinaBruno
    Community Manager

    • Unhallowed Grave
      • Nabor the Forgotten
        • Forgotten Deadeyes
          • Reduced the overall health of these enemies.
          • Reduced the radius and knockback distance of Icy Salvo.
          • Grapple will now be used less often.
        • Chilling Comet now has an increased number of “safe” platforms.
      • Keeper of the Kiln
        • Reduced the number of additional monsters during this fight.
        • Fiery Vent
          • The Fiery Vent phases will now occur at more reliable intervals.
          • Increased the “warm up” period to allow more reaction time.
          • Increased the time before the vents would cause death and reduced the damage to ramp up more slowly in Veteran mode.
          • Decreased the duration of the “vent” portion, but drastically reduced damage of the ability to no longer progress to cause death in Normal mode.
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  • ZOS_GinaBruno
    Community Manager

    Halls of Fabrication Trial
    • Assembly General
      • Toxic Coolant and Seeker Projectiles will now correctly do increased damage to players affected by Exhaustion and Extreme Exhaustion.
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  • ZOS_GinaBruno
    Community Manager

    • Reduced the Achievement Point value of the Scalebreaker Scout achievement to bring it in line with other Scout achievements.
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  • ZOS_GinaBruno
    Community Manager

    • Stone Garden
      • General
        • Dead Stone Husks will now always leave a lootable ash pile corpse.
      • Arkasis the Mad Alchemist
        • Fixed an issue where Arkasis would sometimes decide not to release the second batch of Stone Husks and become an immortal mad scientist (the worst kind of scientist).

    • Moved the Thorn Legion Style Master and Hazardous Alchemy Style Master to the proper Achievement category.

    • The “Stone Garden Tank, Vacant” achievement furnishing now has its intended collision.
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  • ZOS_GinaBruno
    Community Manager

    Maw of Lorkhaj Trial
    • Orbs of Torment no longer leave a usable corpse when the effect ends.
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  • ZOS_GinaBruno
    Community Manager

    • Moon Hunter Keep
      • General
        • Dire Wolves
          • Increased the range on abilities to account for their larger size.
          • Increased the damage of Lunge, but it no longer hits targets in an arc nor causes a bleed.
          • Increased the damage and reduced the arc of the Nip ability.
          • Nip no longer causes a bleed.
          • Gnash no longer hits targets in an arc.
          • Increased the damage from Bite.
          • Bite no longer has an interruptible telegraph and is used less frequently.
        • Vicious Dire Wolves
          • All Dire Wolf ability changes above have been applied to Vicious Dire Wolves, excluding the change to Lunge.
          • Reduced the arc of Dire Lunge.
          • The bleed from Dire Lunge is now only applied to targets which are not blocking.
          • Harry will no longer affect targets in an arc.
        • Strikers
          • Assassinate will no longer affect targets in an arc.
        • Cleavers
          • Added a telegraph for Heavy Swipe, which will now also affect targets in an arc.
          • Quick Strike no longer affects targets in an arc.
        • Thrall Ferals
          • Greatly reduced the damage done by Devastating Leap.
          • Increased the cast time for Devastating Leap.
          • Reduced the arc for Slash, which is now also used less often.
        • Spriggans
          • Increased the cast time and cooldown for Transmogrify.
          • Transmogrify can no longer be chain cast.
        • Stranglers
          • Increased the damage of Grapple.
          • Grapple is now applied when cast, though affected targets can now break free from this attack after being pulled to the Strangler. Interrupting the ability before the target is pulled to the Strangler prevents damage.
        • Hulking Werewolf
          • Reduced the damage and knockback distance of Slam.
          • Increased the damage of Swipe.
          • Swipe no longer affects targets in an arc.
          • Reduced the effectiveness of the applied Defile and Snare from Swipe.
        • Accursed Werewolf
          • Reduced the overall damage of Accursed Werewolves.
          • Reduced the buff applied to allies’ damage done from Blood Scent.
      • Jailer Melitus
        • Increased the damage and cooldown for Bloody Cleave.
        • Bloody Cleave no longer causes a Bleed effect.
        • Slash now causes a bleed and no longer affects targets in an arc.
        • Bloodmoon’s Mercy:
          • Area of Effects now move slower, will no longer damage targets multiple times, and do reduced damage.
          • Reduced the snare effect for targets hit, and the snare effect is now displayed in your active effects.
          • Increased the initial damage from the Area of Effect.
          • This ability is now used less often.
        • Bloody Geyser will now only target one player in Normal mode.
        • Reduced the damage and increased the interrupt window for Bloody Execution in Normal mode.
        • Bloody Execution will now be used less often, and the animations will now reliably play for all players.
        • Werewolf Bloodcallers will now do less damage in Normal mode.
        • Reduced the damage of Crushing Leap.
      • Hedge Maze Guardian
        • Root Stomp
          • Enemies can no longer be targeted if they are affected by a Strangler’s Grapple ability, and Stranglers can no longer use their Grapple ability on players affected by Root Stomp.
          • Root Stomp will now be used less often.
          • Reduced the damage of Root Stomp in Normal mode.
          • This boss will no longer attempt to cast Root Stomp multiple times in a row if no target is found.
          • Reduced the duration of Root Stomp.
        • Reduced the damage of Thorn Toss, and the damage will now better match the telegraph.
      • Mylene Moon-Caller
        • Lightning Rage will no longer be used in Normal difficulty.
        • Alpha Rage no longer affects multiple targets.
        • Increased the initial damage and the time to interrupt Alpha Rage.
        • Shred now does reduced damage.
        • Mark of the Pack will now summon two wolves in Normal difficulty.
        • Reduced the buff effects on Mylene from Prodding Shock.
        • Reduced the damage from Lightning Storm, which will now be cast less often.
      • Archivist Ernarde
        • Increased the damage from Shock.
        • Shock will no longer “bounce” and will now only affect a single target.
        • Reduced the damage from Shock Blast, which no longer affects targets outside of its telegraphed radius.
        • Reduced the damage from Werewolves added into the fight.
        • Swipe will no longer stack Infected Wound and Major Defile when multiple enemies are hit.
        • Removed the extra damage bonus from monsters that transform into Werewolf Behemoths.
      • Vykosa the Ascendant
        • Accursed Werewolves now have less health and do less damage.
        • Increased the damage from Claw Slash.
        • Claw Slash no longer causes a bleed effect and no longer affects targets in an arc.
        • Reduced the damage from Ary and Zel’s Pounce and Lunge abilities.
        • Ary and Zel’s Lunge ability no longer causes a bleed effect.
        • You will no longer have a chance to become locked in combat prior to the encounter starting.
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  • ZOS_GinaBruno
    Community Manager

    • Frostvault
      • Warlord Tzogvin
        • Tzogvin will now use the Fire Jump ability less often.
        • Tzogvin will now summon one less goblin when using Fire Jump.
        • Reduced the duration and damage of the Fire Pit portion of Fire Jump.
        • Reduced the duration of the stun when landing.
        • Reduced the amount of times Fire Jump could fail to cast.
        • Reckless Charge now has a minimum distance he will charge.
        • Reduced the damage from Reckless Charge against the charged target and the Area of Effects created by the ability.
        • Reduced the damage of Heat Field in Veteran mode.
        • Raging Winds now moves slower.
      • Vault Protector
        • Vault Protector will now travel to the center of the room to activate its shield.
        • Searing Ray will more reliably be affected by the Vault Protector’s shield.
        • Searing Ray can now be dodged and jumped over.
        • Searing Rays will now have a short activation time so you can react more easily before they start moving.
        • The shield now takes longer before doing damage to any player characters standing within it.
        • Steel Cyclone no longer applies stacks of bleed damage and the bleed can be purged.
        • Reduced the cone size of the Axe ability.
        • Dwarven Spiders now do less damage, are no longer immune to crowd control abilities, and their static field ability is reduced in effectiveness.
        • Dwarven Spheres now do less damage, are no longer immune to crowd control abilities, and no longer use the Steam Wall ability.
        • Vault Protector will no longer play its light attack animation repeatedly after finishing Barrage.
        • Vault Protector no longer has a chance to stand up early when shielded.

    • Reduced the Achievement Point value of the Wrathstone Scout achievement to bring it in line with other Scout achievements.
    Gina Bruno
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  • ZOS_GinaBruno
    Community Manager

    • Fixed an issue where the Battering Ram UI could remain on screen after loading into a new zone.

    • Mounts will no longer float on the character select screen.
    • Fixed minor visual issues with several armor and weapons.

    • Fixed some visual issues with the Dwarven Scarab Pet’s wings during certain idle animations.
    • Personality props will now be hidden when using Blade of the Blood Oath.
    • You will no longer be removed from first person view when certain animations play while running.

    • Fixed a visual issue caused when wearing the Timbercrow Wanderer Costume with the Namira’s Bile Skin.
    • Fixed a stretching texture issue on the Ancestral Reach Medium boots.
    • Fixed the size of the Undaunted Nightflame helmet piece.

    • Wearing the Knight Slayer Breeches no longer make your character sound like a creaky boat.
    • Fixed some audio issues for a variety of older animations.

    • Prince Irnskar now pronounces Jorunn’s name properly.
    • Fixed some visual issues on the Singing Skald hat when worn by Vampires.
    • Fixed some visual issues with the Logger costume.
    • Fixed some distorted textures that would appear on the Red Diamond Guardian Skin.

    • Dragonstar Arena
      • Vampire Lord Thisa will now only play her Blink Strike animation once, no matter how many enemies are hit by that ability.
    • Banished Cells II
      • High Kinlord Rilis will no longer flicker before teleporting.
    • Blessed Crucible
      • Monsters in the Frozen Arena can no longer be damaged before their gates open.
    • Fungal Grotto I
      • Friendly Goblin Archers no longer show a telegraph on their attacks.
    • Wayrest Sewers I
      • Uulagarg the Hungry's Terrifying Roar no longer causes your character to flee in terror (but still imparts significant mental anguish).
      • Varaine Pellingare will now reliably jump into or enter the fight space as you enter into it.
      • Varaine will use his Slash ability more often.
      • Allene Pellingare will no longer remain invisible after the Fiendish Hallucinations are defeated.
    • Wayrest Sewers II
      • Uulagarg the Risen’s Scorching Flames no longer forces your character to flee.
      • The Ghost’s Haunting Spectre ability will no cause your character to cower in fear rather than flee during the encounter with the Pellingare Siblings.

    • Sanctum Ophidia
      • All Scaled Court enemies will now correctly add into the fight when intended.
      • Possessed Mantikora
        • Vortex now correctly displays the target of the ability at the center of the portal that is opened.
      • Stonebreaker
        • Player characters that die to Stonebreaker while afflicted with Spreading Poison no longer damage nearby enemies with Poison Blast when they die; the damage will correctly come from Stonebreaker.

    • Added a tooltip to explain where certain Morphing Collectible components come from.

    • Moved several Mementos that have non-cosmetic uses to the Tools section of the Collectibles menu, including the following:
      • Fire Rock
      • Breda’s Bottomless Mead Mug
      • The Pie of Misrule
      • Witchmother’s Whistle
      • Jubilee Cake (note, only the most current Jubilee Cake memento will appear in the Tools Menu- the others can still be found with the other Mementos)
    • Foods granted from vendors in Cyrodiil, such as Cyrodillic Field Brew, have been brought up to standards with their crafted and Crown Store counterparts, resulting in the durations and stats granted to mirror them.
    • Fixed an issue that could cause Heavy Sacks to award extra potency runes to players of particular levels. 
    • Fixed an issue where you had a chance to get the wrong rank of Jewelrycrafting Dust from a Heavy Sack if your character is between CP60 and CP80. 
    • Two identical pieces of gear will no longer be counted together when looking at the item tooltip bag/bank counts if one of the pieces has been re-traited to a different trait. 
    • Fixed an issue where Kizna and Kazbur the Wanderer, merchants in Dragonstar Arena, were selling old, incorrect wares. They now sell wares as befits standard Merchants.

    • Updated the wording of Champion Point achievements to be more in-line with the new Champion Point names.
    • Updated the text for "Vault Breacher" achievement to match prior prologue achievements.

    Text & UI
    • Updated the names of several Ice Staff items, which were previously using the not-quite-correct term "Frost Staff". 
    • Fixed a typo in the description text of the Thunderbug Carapace Quicksilver Axe. 
    • Fixed a number of minor typos in stealable treasures' descriptive text. 
    • Updated the description for the "Scorching Chaos Ball" Emote to better match the Emote's animation. 

    • Corrected some minor mismatches between the voiceover and text for recent houseguests.
    • Historian Phedre no longer appears in the Collections menu if you did not acquire the rewards from the Lost Treasures of Skyrim event, to be consistent with other rewards from that event.
    • Fixed an issue where chairs were not working properly after going through a portal in a home.
    • Fixed an issue where some furnishings would not always respect their bind status when gifting a home.

    • When editing the location of a chair, the highlight color of the chair now more accurately reflects whether or not it can be sat in.
    • Fixed an issue where the Moonmont Lunar Altar, from the Reaper’s March achievement furnisher, would appear hollow when viewed from below.
    • Fixed an issue where the Target Iron Atronach, Trial training dummy would appear to give you two copies of the Minor Toughness buff in combat.
    • Adjusted the location that you grab the following items from, to make them feel a bit more natural to place:
      • Clockwork Lens Assembly, Frozen
      • Mages Guild Sign, Large
      • Fighters Guild Sign, Large
      • Nedic Orb, Ritual
    • Fixed an issue where the “Fern, Cyan Cluster” furnishing had excessive collision.
    • The “Ayleid Constellation Stele, The Apprentice” furnishing no longer appears hollow when viewed from below.
    • Sealed two small gaps in the bottom of the “Solitude Hearth, Rounded Tall” furnishing.
    • Updated the names for the "Common Soul Gem, Empty" and "Lesser Soul Gem, Empty" furnishings to "Soul Gem, Common" and "Soul Gem, Lesser", to be consistent with other Soul Gem furnishings.
    • The following housing items have been moved from Miscellaneous > General into other housing categories:
      • Gallery > Display
        • Pile of Coins
        • Mountain of Loot
        • Breton Tablecloth, Striped
        • Redoran Mantle Cloth, Crimson Cover
        • Redoran Mantle Cloth, Crimson Coverlet
      • Gallery > Mounted Decor
        • Common Cloak on a Hook
        • Hlaalu Hanger, Mounted
      • Hearth > Stockroom
        • Harvester's Herbs
      • Lighting > Enchanted Lights
        • Decorative Skyshard
      • Parlor > Instruments
        • Lob's Challenge Horn
      • Parlor > Knick-Knacks
        • An Adoring Fan
        • Noble Pocket Lint
        • Pocket Change
      • Undercroft > Remains
        • Lacquered Kwama Egg
        • Argonian Egg
        • Distracting Harpy Egg
        • Chaurus Egg, Dormant
      • Undercroft > Sacred Pieces
        • Wood Orc Dream Catcher
        • Replica of Shattered Ansei Sword
        • Nirncrux Bowl
        • Depleted Sigil Stone
        • Sir Socks's Ball of Yarn
        • Khajiit Ponder Sphere
      • Undercroft > Soul Gems
        • Replica Soul Gem
        • Replica Black Soul Gem
        • Soul Gem Case
        • Soul Gem Stand
        • Common Soul Gem, Empty
        • Lesser Soul Gem, Empty
      • Undercroft > Symbolic Decor
        • Hanging Hourglass
        • Constellation Tile: The Ritual
        • Constellation Tile: The Shadow
        • Constellation Tile: The Tower
        • Oblivion Stone
        • Snake Prayer Tile
        • Dark Anchor Pinion
        • Atmoran Snake Totem Medallion
        • Atmoran Whale Totem Medallion
        • Atmoran Eagle Totem Medallion
      • Workshop > Machinery
        • Shackle Control Stone
        • Orrery Control Pillar Replica
        • Yokudan Puzzle Column
        • Broken Chain
      • Workshop > Materials
        • Enchanting Gem
        • Harvester's Woodpile
        • Harvester's Ore
      • Workshop > Tools
        • Touch of Plague
        • Brotherhood Poison Vial
        • Replica Key Blank
        • Indoril Bellows, Practical
    • The following items previously spread across Knick-Knacks, Pipes and Mechanisms, and Symbolic Decor have been re-organized under Undercroft > Soul Gems:
      • Soul Gem, Great
      • Soul Gem, Grand
      • Soul Gem, Single
      • Soul Gems, Pile
      • Soul Gems, Scattered
      • Soul Gem Module, Experimental
      • Coldharbour Crate, Black Soul Gem
      • Coldharbour Bin, Black Soul Gem
    • The “Redguard Well, Arched” furnishing no longer appears hollow when viewed from below.
    • The bristleback inside the “Stone Garden Vat, Alchemized Bristleback” furnishing now correctly plays a subtle animation, similar to the other alchemized creatures.

    • Fixed an issue that caused a flat section of dark material to appear in the distance on one side of Shalidor’s Shrouded Realm.
    • Removed some very small pieces of invisible collision in the living room of Stone Eagle Aerie that could interfere with selecting objects at specific locations.
    • Removed a tiny piece of wood that was poking up into the courtyard of Domus Phrasticus.
    • In the Dwarven interior section of Stillwaters Retreat, the small open archways near the ceiling now have more accurate collision. This makes it easier to place or remove objects inside those archways.
    • Removed some errant bushes that had taken to flying high in the sky above Bouldertree Refuge.

    Housing Editor
    • Fixed an issue where the beams connecting Path Nodes would sometimes flicker when placing nodes far apart from each other.

    • Reduced load times when moving between zones.
    • Optimized the threading and rendering processes on the client and load distribution on the server.
    • Fixed a rare crash during some animations.
    • Fixed a rare crash that could occur when in heavy combat with many other bow users.
    • Fixed a rare crash cause by the model loading system.
    • Fixed a rare crash that could occur when multiple effects would try to move a character simultaneously.
    • Fixed a crash that could occur when removing furniture in player housing.

    The Rift
    • In His Wake: Corporal Bredrek will no longer follow you all around Riften if you don't accept his quest.

    • Previewing from your Inventory now allows item types other than just armor and furniture to be previewed. This includes weapons, containers that grant collectibles, and motif pages/books.
    • Triggering the sell confirmation text no longer puts the menu into a state where you cannot navigate through it.
    • Updated tutorial text to reflect updates to the Champion System.
    • Updated the message that displays when skills have been forcibly reset to be more generic.
    • Fixed an issue where a random UI error could trigger a chatter interact when one shouldn't be happening.

    • Fixed a crash that could be caused by doing /script d(GetNumChampionDisciplineSkills(0))

    French Game Client
    • Fixed an issue where filters at crafting stations would extend off the screen.
    • Fixed an issue where grammar markup would display in certain Item Set Collection subcategories.

    Gamepad Mode
    • Added Search to various Inventory screens.

    Guilds & Guild Functionality
    • Fixed an issue where guild rank changes wouldn't save for some guilds.
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