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We Need A No Proc 30 Day Standard Campaign

Title says it all. I think we should absolutely add a 30 Day or 7 Day Standard Campaign with no procs. That is including no monster gear etc, exactly like these current tests. Everyone in chat and most players I have had private conversations with have voiced their love for this test. Whether it produces less lag or not is not even the main focus for us PvP players at this point. We just love how the PvP is based off of building stats and skill compared to Proc meta. I do not know if these tests will prove if anything is adding stress to the server, but I can tell you one thing... it is making PvP players extremely happy. I have not seen one negative chat about the tests and having limited gear options. I believe it emphasizes player skill of the individual (which is what PvP is all about). It also makes it more accessible to more players across all spectrums of the game considering most of the sets allowed are either A) Craftable B) Farmable via Overland C) Able to be purchased via in game trader. (The only exception I believe being Amberplasm which is farmed via dungeon) Overall I think it makes the game easier to balance for the devs when less sets are involved and things stay the same they can be tuned better. The more sets that come out it is harder to balance each class etc based on these new sets etc. We need a No-Proc PvP Campaign. We love it!
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