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Xbox Downtime & Patch Maintenance - Dec 4

Community Manager
Hi everyone,

Due to an internal publishing error, we will be releasing Xbox patch v1.22.2.0 tonight. We are working on getting everything staged now and expect maintenance to begin in a few hours. Until then, the Xbox servers will remain online and anyone who is currently logged in will not be kicked off. That said, if you log off between now and when maintenance begins, you will not be able to log back in until after the patch is deployed.

We'll be publishing the XBox patch notes for you soon, and we expect maintenance to complete around 6am EST (though this may change as we work on getting everything prepped over the next few hours).

We still plan to publish the next PC incremental patch on Monday, December 7 and PS4 on Wednesday, December 9 as previously planned. We appreciate your patience tonight.
Gina Bruno
ESO Community Manager
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