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Update 28 Known Issues [Updated 11/24 10:30am EST]

Community Manager
In an effort to help consolidate updates on various issues that started with Update 28 PC launch, we've created this thread to track some of the more major issues and their current status. Please note this does not include all open issues - just the ones that are more serious or have been reported frequently since launch. We'll do our best to keep this updated with the most up to date status.

Update: Added console status as well, and rearranged the list a bit.

Update 2: Given that the majority of issues from the start of this thread have been fixed, this will be the last time we update this thread. All future updates and discussions for the two remaining open issues - missing skill points and ongoing game crashes - will occur in the threads linked below.
  • Updated [PARTIAL FIX] Some skills have reset, including Soul Trap and the Werewolf Ultimate
    • We've implemented a fix to prevent skills from continuing to become reset
    • We are working on an additional fix to refund missing skill points, which will go out in a future incremental patch
    • All subsequent updates will be posted in this thread
  • Updated [PARTIAL FIX] Game crashes in dungeons and trials
    • We fixed a number of game crashes in the last incremental patch, but recognize there are still remaining crashes in dungeons, trials, PvP and in the overland
    • We are actively working on identifying and fixing additional game crashes and freezes
    • All subsequent updates will be posted in this thread
  • Updated [FIXED] Light Attack weaving is not working as before
  • Updated [FIXED] Vateshran Hollows leaderboard is missing
  • Updated [FIXED] Defeating the Voidmother Elgroalif is not granting the achievement "Weaned From Darkness"
  • [HOTFIXED ON 11/4] Using Lady Belain's portals during the quest "A Feast of Souls" will cause your character to fall through the world
  • [HOTFIXED ON 11/4] Your character can sometimes fall through the world to an invalid location
  • [RESOLVED] Crown Store is locked
    • As of 1:30pm EST on 11/3, the Crown Store is available
    • Some Crown Store items are returning for a limited time. See this thread for more details.
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