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Morkuldin and Blastbones snares players

Blastbones snares players in PvP when hit and so does the animated sword of Morkuldin.
How long are you going to let people abuse these bugged skills and sets in PvP?
Can you disable this set and skill if you're not going to fix them? How long can this go on?
Or can these players be reported and banned for abusing this bug?
Edited by MrTrenbolone on September 26, 2020 9:30PM
  • Qbiken
    While I agree this should be addressed, it´s not a bug or an exploit. Morkuldin and Blastbones are considered to be NPC´s. All NPC´s in the game can apply a snare called "Hamstrung". Hamstrung will apply when:

    * You´re attack from behind or from the side
    * When you´re attacked while sprinting (regardless of where it hits your character).
    (these findings are purely made from my own testings, so can´t say if there´re other ways to trigger it)

    Hamstrung should be straight up removed from the game as a debuff if you ask me. It serves no real purpose, neither in overland PvE (where you´re more likely to fight NPC`s) or in PvP where it´s a lot more abusive.
    Edited by Qbiken on September 28, 2020 10:36AM
  • WreckfulAbandon
    Definitely not a bug, as mentioned above it's because the game classes them as NPC's.
    PC NA

    All my comments are regarding PvP
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