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Random Cyrodiil load screens and Vivec City causing server to lose me?

I traveled to Vivec City and gotten disconnected and fed the "Unable to connect to game server. Please make sure you have a valid internet connection." bug. I'm posting this on the same PC seconds after disconnecting so I know I have a valid connection. Why is this happening? The lag has also been horrible in PvP zones since Friday and now I can't even come to Vivec without having to re-log in. Granted the lag was still there prior to Friday but it's become so difficult to play that I just gave up. This is just so disheartening. Oh and my FPS was at 109 and my ping/latency was at 95 so there was no indication that anything was wrong. Just the fact that I couldn't interact with the banker and noone was moving and then my game froze and I was booted to the login with the error message. I can't tell you how many random load screens I get in Cyrodiil which would last upwards of 10 minutes at a time, sometimes with multiple minute(s) long load screens in rapid succession running through Cyrodiil (and this was even after turning off ALL of my addons). I play on a nice gaming desktop and run many other games very well so it's not hardware related. Drivers are up to date, no incompatible software running, no system overload, plenty of frames and memory too.
  • Luckylancer
    Lag doesnt matter. All that matters if you buy new OP item minesweeper expansion, if you sub to eso+ and those gamble boxes.
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