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Holding Chaosball/Relics while dead?

I was just in a game of Chaosball and had a weird glitch.

I think I grabbed the Ball and died at the same moment, because I was scoring while dead.

Problem was, I couldn't respawn? "Release" wasn't working and my character was standing upright and idle on my screen despite being dead.

I'm pretty sure this has happened to me before when grabbing a Relic, where I've tried to grab one, die, then when I respawn, I was holding it.

It completely ruins the game and seems like a not-so-complicated glitch to fix?
  • Xebov
    There is a bug in both Chaos Ball and capture the relic where players that die when picking it up sometimes still have it when respawning. They also cant see that they are carying it as their UI bugs out and the visual over their head is missing. The case that you couldnt respawn is something else.
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