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When can we get the constant DCs finally fixed?

I play this game for almost 3 years now and during all that time i nearly always have issues with random DCs. The signature of DCs changed a bit over the years and between some Patches and Hotfixes i even had times where they where completely gone but i never found a way to get rid of them. From all i gathered i can only point onto the game server as source of the DCs.

I rules out Addons. DCs also happen with them disabled and i also use Addons that are widely used so its unlikely that they cause them. I also used my Addons somewhere else and didnt get any DCs.

I ruled out the Internet connection. Only ESO has issues and nothing else, which makes Internet Provider an unlikely cause. Also there are reports from players using the same connection where some have this issue and some dont. A friend of mine for example had it this way with him having DCs but his siblings didnt.

Now with that out of the way. Why do i point towards the server:

1.) DCs are an on off thing that can be traced to Patches/Hotfixes. I had a brief phase of 2 Days between a Patch and Cyrodiil Lag Hotfix where the issue was completely gone. A friend of mine got it after a Patch and its gone after another Patch months later.

2.) Some activities and times are more likely to produce DCs. If i play Dungeons or BGs that are more under preasure its more likely to get DC then when i stay around in a city. Its also mor elikely to get DCs during prime times than off times.

3.) DCs can sometimes be noticed before they even happen.
- In BGs the Deserter Penalty can pop up while the whole game is still running fine with the DC happening several seconds later.
- When in a queue the queue can be terminated several seconds before the DC appears.
- When leader of a group the group lead gets shifted to another player several seconds before the DC appears.
These dont happen all the time, but are visible from time to time. They also point directly to the sever because the server somehow knows of the DC but is still capable of sending the information to the client even if the client should logically be already disconnected.

Now there are also several ways of DCs. After Harrowstorm the most common (90%) is the one that sends you back to login but tells you the Account is already logged in for up to a minute before you can log in again (why is that time so high in the first place?). The other 2 are send back to the login screen and can login immediately (was the most common pre Harrowstorm) and disconnects that dont send you back to login screen (the rares).

Now if i look at this it appears to me that the Server messes up something that causes the player connection to get into an invalid state. The result is that the server terminates the connection as he is either unable to recover it fully or there is simply no code for dealing with it.

This issue has a huge impact not only on me. When getting DCed out of BGs that means 5min penalty and no reward. Getting DCed out of Pledges can mean a dungeon rerun when the Boss died during the DC. Not to mention that its annoying when stuff gets generally lost due to this.

Since we now have this Quality improvements going on i would like to know when i can finally get rid of the Problem? From other posts i understand this is an issue for solid 6+ years now.

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