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Flying mammoth seen in the sky over Cyrodiil

Last night I had the opportunity to record a video of one of the mammoths that are North of Winter's Peak Outpost in Cyrodiil calmly walking across the sky. I have included a screen-shot from the clip. As I noted in my earlier post, it seems like this may be part of a trend of things in Cyrodiil that ought to be on the ground flying away what with the tree floating over Cropsford, the candles floating above the tower near Vlastarus, and now this flying mammoth.

  • Sephyr
    It's really a vampire lord mammoth, but the lore devs said no to wings.
    RIP Vampirism.
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  • CassandraGemini
    I had a similar experience in Skyrim a few years ago, where I would exit a cave and see a mammoth flying really high up in the sky in the distance. It lasted two or three seconds and then the poor fellow came crashing down and died. It was kinda hilarious and kinda sad at the same time.

    Did the mammoth keep flying or did it eventually fall down as well? I mean, maybe there's something going on with some of the mammoths in Tamriel that we have no idea about.
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    This poor little Bosmer stealth passive had passionate friends and a big loving family!

  • technohic
    Its Christmas season for giants. Should have watched for more flying mammoths pulling a fat giant in a sleigh.
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