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I fail to see how we can take "Performance Improvement" plans seriously...

I fail to see how we can take "Performance Improvement" plans seriously when ZOS can't or won't fix the "running on the back of the mounts" bug. Anyone who says it's funny might as well say they like bugs in a game that's supposed to work properly. You might as well say tires on your car work better when you hammer a few nails into them. I've been playing ESO since beta and can remember a similar bug we had when walking regularly and the character's feet slipped to the side and looked like it was dancing while sprinting. That got fixed quickly. So is ZOS admitting that they can't fix this bug? I'll repeat, how do they expect us to take them seriously on future performance updates when they can't fix this one obvious bug that comes up even when they are doing live shows. Don't they feel a little embarrassed when it comes up in their own videos? How are new players supposed to take them seriously? Feel free to disagree but I'll still follow with the same statement, either they admit they can't fix it or they admit they don't want to be taken seriously about fixing performance issues.
"When in doubt, kill it with fire."
  • Vaoh
    The dancing bug you mention still happens once in a while when you ride a mount or sit in a chair. Was fixed for years and then re-broken.

    So far the game performance has become worse at a faster rate than ever before. The gameplay has become slower, clunkier, more full of desyncs and bugs. Everything loads slower and instances are laggier.

    Back before homestead (especially at console launch) you would only have about 2-5 seconds of load screen if traveling within the same zone. Those days are long gone.

    Unfortunately their Performance Improvement Plan is a huge failure. My game performance has only become worse in every way since they started.
  • davapoole
    playing this game for 5 years and always had bad lag in cyro the dungeon finder never worked since ready check started and now desync on your own in stros m`kai. Maybe tomorrow zos will use the magic wand they have been saving that has only one use so they saved it till game is unplayable to use it. If you dont maintain and fix a machine it breaks and ignoring major problems for 3 months like desync is not going to make it not be there its infecting everything you do in the game and so much trials are almost unplayable on vet unless 2am. Stop releasing up dates and fix the game or no one will be left
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