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Weapon Damage Disappears

Soul Shriven
PS4 N/A Cyrodiil Greyhost

Anytime I engage in combat my weapon damage will permanently be reduced anywhere between 500 to 1000 points and the only way to get it back is to close app and come back. Sometimes however, this will only fix it until I engage again and then it's rinse and repeat. It's almost like the system isn't applying my mundus stone (warrior) or somehow I was de-buffed and it expired (no longer on the screen) but the de-buff is still applied permanently.

I play a "glass cannon" stamblade, 2H and Bow. My damage buffed with rally is normally 5152 with the 2H and 4818 with the Bow. Glitched out it's approximately 4735 with the 2H and 4373 with the Bow. My build sacrifices survivability for damage output and needless to say when glitched I have neither.

I have also noticed that a similar glitch occurs when I change sets or mundus stone while in Cyrodiil. In that when I change the new stats are not reflected on the character sheet.

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