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Exploit with Relics in Battlegrounds

Noticed this a few times recently where a player would pickup a relic after death and respawn with it.

Here's a quick video:
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  • tmbrinks
    Yup, been happening more frequently with relics... as well as chaos ball as well.

    The player that "picked" it up, also doesn't know they have it (there is no indicator above their head), unless they look at the map and see it moving with them. Chaosball does no damage to the holder.
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  • Sanctum74
    Happens with scrolls in Cyro too for quite some time, but fixing long standing bugs isn't a priority for Zos
  • Urzigurumash
    From the recent patch notes:

    "Added extra measures to prevent Volendrung from being held longer than intended or being interacted with while dying or moving. This fix should also help improve interactions with the Chaos Ball or Relics in Battleground game modes."

    This happened to me with Volendrung as well. When this happens to players with the Chaos Ball on Xbox, they usually don't have any visual indicator, and don't take any damage from the Chaos Ball.

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  • sMuggle
    Yep this guy and his friend Both ranked #1 NA / PC, on Flags and Land Grab Battlegrounds currently, been cheating for more than 6 months without a care because there's no repercussions for their cheating exploit abuse...

    So many people have reported them, posted screenshots and videos to no avail.
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