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Scroll quests from warlord scorchedagain

Please have a word with her aide de camp asking nicely would he/she be awfully kind and actually give a drop-down list of available scroll quests as I fear the strain of six years giving me the same one 7-8 times before going for another one which is still in outer who knows where or a place close by. I simply require the one we are getting not multiple offers of the same quest. I'm sure the aide de camp can put it into the right tech-speak that lets warlord scorchedagain know we are about to mutiny and stuff the scrolls quests verily and sideways. Yours sincerely slightly miffed of Bristol
  • Ankaridan
    A little punctuation goes a long way.
  • mabdastardseb17_ESO
    you are absolutely right but I feel I should leave it out and let people add there own that way I don't get the blame when they get the wrong end of the stick
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