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Wish List for the Coming Year

I would like the developers to consider making non-combat NPCs maneuver out of the way of players, never blocking movement, rather than being immovable player shoving bulldozers. I know there is code already in the game to accommodate this, as they do avoid summoned assistants. Their current behavior is at times annoying as they may block passage or interfere with certain interactions. This is merely an annoyance, but the goal of any game is to be fun, and keep unnecessary annoyances to a minimum.

I hope the developers put some thought into a solution for combat pets interfering with interactions. I do not feel it is on the players heads to have to worry about managing how they may be irritating or causing interference with other players. There should be no potential for them to do so to begin with. At the least, please make it so as long as you are not in combat with the pet owner, you can interact with anything obscured by the pet. As they are now, the twilight and bear are the worst offenders, as they have the greatest potential to block off areas of interaction.

If the developers could please allow all interactions aside from changing gear or skills during combat, I feel the game would be vastly improved. If I die in combat while trying to open a chest, pick a flower, or mount my horse, that is on me. I understand this has some PVP connotations, but it seems to me that if everyone has the same advantage, no one has any particular advantage over each other.

Lastly, if the developers could look at the admittedly edge case of the game returning the error “you are too far away to interact with this”, it would be appreciated. This does not occur particularly frequently, but begs the question as to why there is an interaction prompt if the target is too far away. It seems sloppy to me. Either increase the interaction distance to match the prompt, or fit the prompt to the correct distance.
  • bmnoble
    Just the promised performance improvements and scrapping the increased resource cost of non Vampire ability's as part of the Vampires stage penalties.

    I will hold off on wishing for anything else till they manage those.
  • blkjag
    Performance, buff nb, and a custom buff tracker for console
  • relentless_turnip
    performance... that is all.

    Give me Dragonhold back!! It is better than this :cry:
  • Seperatist
    No upcoming content at all, nothing repainted at clown store, no combat/class changes anything related to it at all, fixing messy lags and bugs. Repeat for like 6 months at least and maybe then something will be fixed finally.
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  • redgreensunset
    performance... that is all.

    Give me Dragonhold back!! It is better than this :cry:


    In a bit more detail. Desync/input lag bug fixed, the promised performance increase being delivered (and bugs that may result from this fixed) and a PC/EU server that doesn't burn down every time there's an event on. Though I guess the last one would be delivered if the first two are.
  • TankHealz2015
    NEW HYBRID WEAPONS with stamina and magika morphs for each skill.

    One handed torch (hybrid weapon): use with a shield or other one hand weapon

    Crossbow (hybrid weapon): magika skill morphs add elemental damage/effects

    Frost staff
    Remove tanking option from the tri-focus passive
    Instead the frost staff gets a + critical damage bonus

    Add a new skill to staves so ANY type of staff can be used for tanking.


    Conjurer: a pet-based skill line
    Conjure elemental golem(s)
    Conjure other things…
    *unlock various types of golems in new CP system: skins, sizes, damage types, etc.


    Fighter’s Guild: stronger focus on theme of anti-undead, anti-werewolf


    Current system replaced
    For every 100 CP a player currently has, they receive: X crown crates and/or X in game special currency

    New CP system
    Only a few points into raw power stats and those points near the bottom/easy to obtain
    Strong focus on personalization by unlocking skins, animations, emotes

    Unlock third skill morph options (?)
    Options for players to create more/better theme builds with precise trade-offs
    (i.e. do more X type damage but take more Y type damage)

    So much time in pandemic isolation... creative minds wandering...
    Edited by TankHealz2015 on April 7, 2020 7:54PM
  • Deathlord92
    Performance fixes, buff nb, remove the 20% cost increase on non vampire abilities stamina players love playing as a vampire as well my main a stamblade, lastly I want birthstones I love playing a Breton assassin I did in oblivion and skyrim and I’m no different in eso.
  • barney2525
    My wish is for a pony

  • Knightpanther
    Performance fix

    Fix for the ever increasing number of visual bugs they keep adding faster then stuff in the crowns store

    Be safe
  • Nemesis7884
    Better performance
    More character slots
    more bank space
    quality of life improvements (such as a bank search function or the possibility to access storage chests through your bank)
    new skill lines, classes, weapons
  • FinneganFroth
    Add complexity to fishing so that it is more engaging.
  • Dusk_Coven
    Rigorous enforcement of TOS and some proof, even if just statistical. Action against exploiters, bots, harassment, etcetera.
    Edited by Dusk_Coven on April 8, 2020 4:09AM
  • Eirikir
    I don't have a Nightblade but they seem to be having it rough. Why not do something with disease. Maybe add something to a passive giving them a disease damage buff or something since they have a few skills with it. A 10% damage buff or a dot added or something.

    Now me personally I'd like class change tokens since they datamined alliance change ones, why not at this point?
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