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Can I earn both jester and the new event tickets today?

It is possible to do jester still to get 3 tickets, and later the new event will start. Does anyone know if its possible to earn tickets from both places today?
  • Mancombe_Nosehair
    Yes, if you are quick. You have a couple if hours ish from now left for the jesters event.
  • Gythral
    Yes, do the Jesters Festival before 15:00 UTC
    & go get your cake after 15:00 UTC
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  • SeaGtGruff
    A whopping 8 tickets in a single day:

    - 3 from Jester's Festival
    - 3 from Anniversary Jubilee
    - 2 from killing bosses

    Make sure you check your ticket balance before each action that grants tickets, to avoid accidentally losing tickets.
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