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Why is PvP so laggy? 03-29-20

Been playing since 2014 when the game came out and PvP has been a constant issue. Now it is beyond playable, pressing a spell 4-6x before you get a response is ridiculous. All other games there is no lag, and it has to render more and process a lot more. It even happens when just attacking an outpost flag against NPC guards, I just started laughing how a 30 second fight turned into a 2 minute fight. Anything besides just not playing that I can do? I mean at points of major battles it's a picture show or we're all moving around but no one is dying until the servers can catch up and then people start dropping. It's a joke if you ask me, I got a 2019 MSI gaming laptop that runs everything beautifully.
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  • SosRuvaak
    i was playing last night
    took 6 seconds for every ability to go off

    i cant play a nightblade with that. i dont have combos set on my mouse, i do that on the fly. i cant have that lag in pvp, its pathetic.

    i personally wish nobody was in cyrodiil right now in response to how little zenimax takes care of pvp.
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