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Room for Quest improvement...

On the quest "The Final Order". NPC's have been talking about Captain Saulinia for this quest and stemming from the last quest. Zamarak wants to kill her to avenge the death of the people he failed. Good story, I like it.

I get to the final room of the dungeon, as soon as I get inside she is at 5% because another person is fighting her. She dies before I get there. I'm annoyed so I walk out the door that got me in so I can hopefully reset her.

Another person walks in as I'm getting out, I follow back in, they are halfway done with the "boss" once I get back inside.

Is there a way to fix this sort of stuff that happens in quests? Really makes it seem like the MMO aspect is fighting the single player aspect here.

  • Taunky
    Welcome to an MMO.
  • Everest_Lionheart
    The worst is when you walk out and it still doesn’t reset, happened to me twice now. Eventually you can wait it out. Sometimes people get in the middle of mine. Sometimes I see whole groups clearing these things. That’s part of the game unfortunately.
  • Dusk_Coven
    They definitely need more instanced stuff and it looks like they are moving toward that somewhat, with solo prologue quests.
    There's a werewolf one especially bad for newer players because you were supposed to learn a mechanic in a before-final-boss-in-story-chain fight but if you never got to experience the fight you didn't learn the mechanic.
  • Major_Lag
    I agree with OP, it's very annoying when this happens.
    It's already bad enough that quest "bosses" are already complete pushovers when it comes to combat - you need to seriously gimp yourself to even see any mechanics before the boss is nuked.

    Unfortunately, the only usable "workaround" for this is to only do the quests at times when pretty much noone else does, such as around 1-4am GMT on PCEU.

    It also does not help that some delve bosses are bugged and have extremely long respawn timers.
    For example, in Nisin Cave the last boss has a ~20 minutes (!) respawn timer.

    Ultimately I would really like to see all overland content to be split into a normal version (what we have now) and a veteran version (roughly on par with current normal dungeon difficulty).
    This would both spread the players around more, and address the issue of overland combat being a complete joke.
    Sadly it does not look like that it will be possible anytime soon, however - ESO is already on its last legs performance-wise, and I really doubt it can handle the extra load without significant investment or rework of its servers and/or codebase.
  • Everest_Lionheart
    One other thing that ruins it for me is also when I’m about half way through trying to finish off a delve or quest trying to use stealth and then a couple of speed runners come racing by chewing through everything like a buzz saw. I mean you can wait for the respawn and pick up where you left off but thy also tend to buzz saw their way back out too so you have to actually wait twice.

    Of course you could just sprint behind them to and get the EZ achievements, I mean it’s pretty stealthy when everyone is already dead too.
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