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further increasing dps

so. i want more dps.
i think most dds are kinda gluttons with it and im no exception.
currently im at 74k.
i want to hit 80k

my build.
5pc imperfect rele
5pc imperfect lokke
2pc veli
malestrom bow

not perfect traits.
5 divines (still transmuting)
2 bloodthirsty 1 robust
sharp and precise dw (axe and dagger)
infused bow

lava foot food
wep damage pots (stam crit damage)
enchants: stam on armour, wd on jewls, wd on bow, poison and disease on dw.

race kitty :"
shadow mundus

skill bars
rearming trap
rapid strikes
avid boneyard
hulk smash

trap (vigor in trials)
siphon (necrotic in trials)
posion inject
hulk smash (reanimate in prog)

my rota:
(starting) archer - trap - bb

hail - archer(pi in execute) - swap
bb - avid - rapid - bb siphon - trap - bb rapid x2

my cp is
56 mighty
66 precise strikes
44 thaumaturge
34 piecring
18 weapon expert
52 mat

any advice like 'change up this 4 that' would be appreciated.
ty :)

edit: i have gold weps but purp armour.
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  • Danksta
    You want nirn/sharp with double dot poisons for dw.

    Your rotation seems like it's really short. You're only casting 11 skills and one of them doesn't even consume a gcd (siphon) and endless is 14 seconds and ramps it's damage up the longer it ticks. You're either cutting that short losing out on your biggest ticks from endless or your rotation is too slow.

    Other than that it's the things you already mentioned; your race isn't ideal, non-perfected purple gear and less than ideal traits.

    I'm not sure if about the cp because I don't run a stamcro.
    BawKinTackWarDs PS4/NA

  • Runefang
    If you’re on PC can you tell us how many light attacks you hit per second?
  • And0ssus
    Get rid Off boneyard.
    Yeah its nice for better Lokke uptime, but you don't need it on the Dummy and i Hope u don't need it in Trials (i know, its Group depending.) If you need it, slot it for Siphon on your Backbar (Most of the time u only need necrotic in AoE Fights).
    Slot whirling blades as an execute und Start using it instead of rapid Strikes at 20-23%.
    I Hope u are playing endless hail.
    With endless hail u can create a Rotation around 15-16 sec (Archer Uptime). This allows u to get more spammable in Frontbar and u don't want to Overcast Hail anyway, because of maelstrom bow.
    Don't Cast Siphon as an "own" Skill. Siphon has no global cooldown anymore. That means u can Cast it with another Skill.
    Use Poisons in your Frontbar (damage Health poison IX), they do a lot more DMG than your Glyphs (around 2k more).
    Sharp and percise is ok since u get 1500 Pen anyway on stamcro.
    Race isn't that much of an issue, u can still aim for 80k.

    CP wise its ok. I would Put 2 Points more in Piercing and Take it from Physical Weapon Expert.

    You could also try Venom Skull as a Spammable. Personally i like it more, because your rotations isn't really dot based but more direct damage based (bb and execute) and u can still do dmg at range. With Skull you can spec less in Thaumaturg and more in MAA.
    Yeah, your Poisons will procc a Bit les, Same for the Axe bleed, but your Blastbones and your Execute will hit Harder.
    But both Options (rapid Strikes and Venom Skull) are really close together DPS wise, its more based on Personal Preference.
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