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Chateau Othrril - Ebonheart Chateau Design

I bought myself Ebonheart Chateau this Christmas Eve. The extra space I get compared to Quondam Indorillia is nice, though not too much more outside of collectibles. I made a tour video for my friends, and I figure I should post it here too. (Please note that I am using a reshade)

I didn't focus on making the Courtyard too fancy, as it was already designed nicely with the furnished purchase of the Chateau. The Tower is a bit barren in the main room at the moment due to a lack in crafting tables and some lights, but overall it serves its purpose. Speaking of lighting I do wish the lights from most sources projected outwards more. I would love for it to cover more area inside the Chateau, but overall I can't say I'm disappointed with how I distributed what I had.

By the time I was finished with it all and made the tour I had about 8 normal furnishing slots left, and plenty of collectible slots. I'm the kind of person who feels he does not need ESO+ for most things, but I am a bit disappointed that there aren't more normal furnishing slots open just in general. I remember the devs mentioning that they were looking into increasing all default furnishing slots in the past, but I forget how long ago that was and don't know if they have any intention of doing it. In any case I'm still very happy with how the Chateau turned out. I honestly feel it's a good improvement over Quondam Indorillia in most aspects, with the only major downside being that it's not sited just outside of Mournhold. But there's a wayshrine nearby, and I can just port to Indorillia, so it's not really that much of an issue.
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Straight out of Mo- uh, oh wait. Um... Ebonheart, I guess?
Nathyrin Othrril - Dunmer Stamina Sorcerer
Niveth Othrril - Dunmer Stamina Dragonknight
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