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What is your favourite thing to do in ESO?

For myself I would have to say it's making money, for what ever reason no matter what mmo I get myself into, I'm always drawn to making money.

My partner on the other hand love's to theory craft new builds and loves to decorate houses.

In fact she's so good at it that I got her to decorate mine.

So back to the question, what is your favourite thing to do?

Is it:

Farming nodes?
Running dungeons?
Running trials?
Making money?
Roll playing with friends?

Let me know below.
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  • IndianaJames7
    One of my favourite things to do used to be logging in and being able to play for a solid 30 minutes without getting booted
  • Nemesis7884
    winning a staring contest against a loading screen
  • starkerealm
    winning a staring contest against a loading screen

    I mean, where else in your life can you win a staring contest against an entire city?
    Co-Host of The Tenets: a podcast focused on bringing new players up to speed in ESO.
  • UGotBenched
    I find questing while enjoying a cup of coffee very relaxing.
  • wishlist14
    Hi @NaomiHutt ,
    thank you for contributing a positive post, much appreciated 😊.

    I enjoy questing especially in new zones, I also love levelling alts and working on their skill lines, collecting skyshards and lore books.
    I enjoy dungeons and learning new boss mechanics
    I enjoy events
    I love housing and decorating different types of places aswell as building my own houses.
    I love opening up the achievement furnishings..i find tasks like that motivating
    I also love the crafting system in eso so i have lots of crafters im levelling even though i already have a grand mastr crafter
    I enjoy fishing and it's something i do to make some gold
    I also am still in the process of collecting all my crafting stations....that is why i do my daily writs to get my attunable stations
    I enjoy trials but i don't really enjoy being in big guilds so unfortunately that makes it a bit difficult to progress atm.
    I did enjoy pugging trials
    I've become more of a solo player andi also i play with my partner...we usually do events together and visit each other's houses

    I guess i enjoy many things even pvp back when i was into it but now i only pve.
    I would go as far as to say i have been able to enjoy all things eso at some time or other.

    I cant pick my favourite ...that is why i got carried away here and made a favourites list😂😂

    Thanks again for this positive post op 😊❤
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  • NaomiHutt
    I find questing while enjoying a cup of coffee very relaxing.

    Got to love coffee ☺️
  • ArchMikem
    Besides Questing, I frequent the Outfit Station and then walk around, experiencing the scenery.
    CP1,200+ Master Explorer - AvA Praetorian - Console Peasant
  • NaomiHutt
    wishlist14 wrote: »
    Hi @NaomiHutt ,
    thank you for contributing a positive post, much appreciated 😊.

    You're very welcome, I like to keep all my posts constructive and positive when ever I can.

    I can understand why people have been frustrated as of late because of the way the servers have been playing up, but when it come to life I always try to see the good in everything.

    After all life is far to short to stay upset and angry. I'm sure deep down Zos mean well even if they keep breaking everything ever few days.

    That been said the server (for myself at least has been running smoothly today)

    Anyways let's keep this on topic ☺️
  • Raisin
    I second the zone chat thing -- even say chat, emoting at people, spamming elk screech... All the dumb antics you get up to. It's not something I can claim to really do much, but often these things are little highlights.

    My favorite content by far is progress/achievement hunting. Basically DLC dungeons and trials. These are the things I login for, and if I'm not doing one of these I am usually just logged in and waiting, not doing anything. It's the part I find stimulating and fun.

    Last but not least, I'm addicted to creating/designing new characters. Sometimes I have phases where I really enjoy levelling them up too, but right now that venue of entertainment had been exhausted for me.
  • Sporvan
    Housing... relaxing and fun to be creative.
  • Guyle
    Beat a load screen, and have everyone who signed up for my trial also beat the load screen.... lately, I've lost a lot of friends to load screens, its been hard, we had services, but they just keep popping out of the ground only to have the load screens shove them back in their graves. I just wanna be able to say goodbye and farewell to my dearly departed, but these load screens, they sometimes let ppl through. Its hard
  • RaddlemanNumber7
    Sneak, leap, fear, frenzied stabbing, Victory! And all without losing a single hit point.
    PC EU
  • Guyle
    I still say get through a load screen with the 3 other schmucks who were stupid enough to try and use their beat ass system to queue a rando
  • rpa
    The few very casual trials I've done were mostly pretty fun. Even the most challenging part of AA, trying to get all 12 to step on platforms was hilarious, although I think that will get old at some point.
    PC EU - Casual pessimist
  • BoraxFlux
    Cyro PvP healing, Pug / Teamwork, inventive allied & enemy players / tactics / leaders.
    Player induced madness, either in Cyro or PvE.
    Finding a combination of skills/sets/buffs that work for me.
    And a lot of little things that season the concoction of the game. Kindness, getting a CP point, watching a few intense duels, a couple at Mara's shrine, a player running for the guards, tanking, selling things in Guild Stores etc.

    EDIT typo
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  • chuck-18_ESO
    One of my favorite things to do are solo delves!

    They're easy content to do, and there are so many of them! Each one usually tells a fun little story, too. Often, I'll just pick a random zone and run in a random direction until I hit a delve.

    Housing is my other favorite thing to do, but it's an expensive hobby. I wish I enjoyed making money as much as you do!
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  • Hapexamendios
    Messing around with different builds. Trying out a tank solo quest build Leeching, Bahraha’s Curse and Grothdar.
  • Tirps
    Playing something else while being stuck in loading screen or at logging menu...

    Ok enough from jokes, I enjoy from playing PvP, mainly BGs and definitely would play even more if I would just have propper, working and fun build for them and someone to play them with.
    cp1k+ ( ´•౪•`)
  • Artim_X
    Housing, fashion, PvP, PvE, and questing in that order.
    (AD) Artim X |PC/NA| Primary Guild: Storm Guides NA Casual staff wielding vampire sorcerer.

    My Easygoing Builds
    Proc free DPS build for when a tank isn't holding bosses in place and for times where one is not getting buffed by a healer.
    Gear: 5 Netch's Touch (All apparel Divines with Max Mag Enchants), 2 Slimecraw (All Divines. 1 med/1 heavy. Max Mag Enchants), Maelstrom's Lightning Staff (infused/shock enchant), and Infallible Aether jewelry (arcane with spell damage enchant)/lightning staff (infused/flame enchant).
    Ability-Bar 1: Critical Surge, Boundless Storm, Mages' Wrath, Hardened Ward (Twilight Tormentor if one can somewhat trust both the heals and tank to keep you alive), Lightning Flood, and Power Overload.
    Ability-Bar 2: Dark Deal, Streak, Shock Reach, Dampen Magic (Twilight Tormentor if one can somewhat trust both the healer and tank to keep you alive), Unstable Wall of Storms, and Thunderous Rage.

    DPS build for more organized groups.
    Gear: 5 Burning Spellweave (All apparel Divines with Max Mag Enchants), 2 Grothdarr (All Divines. 1 med/1 heavy. Max Mag Enchants), Maelstrom's Inferno Staff (infused/shock enchant), and Infallible Aether jewelry (arcane with spell damage enchant)/lightning staff (infused/flame enchant).
    Ability-Bar 1: Critical Surge, Boundless Storm, Mages' Wrath, Hardened Ward (Twilight Tormentor if one can somewhat trust both the heals and tank to keep you alive), Lightning Flood, and Power Overload.
    Ability-Bar 2: Dark Deal, Streak, Flame Reach, Dampen Magic (Twilight Tormentor if one can somewhat trust both the healer and tank to keep you alive), Unstable Wall of Fire, and Fiery Rage.

    Utility focused DPS build that is capable of tanking normal dungeons and vet non dlc dungeons, but it does not provide enough tank based buffs/debuffs to warrant it's use in trials/vet dlc dungeons and due to the limits of damage shields it would be too much of a liability due to the sheer number of potential one-shot mechanics that a pure tank would have an easier time dealing with.
    Gear: 5 Icy Conjuror (All apparel Divines with Max Mag Enchants), 2 Iceheart (All Divines. 1 med/1 heavy. Max Mag Enchants), Maelstrom's Ice Staff (infused/ice enchant), and Infallible Aether jewelry (arcane with spell damage enchant)/lightning staff (infused/flame enchant).
    Ability-Bar 1: Critical Surge, Boundless Storm, Mages' Wrath (Elemental Drain in vet content if healer isn't using it), Hardened Ward, Lightning Flood, and Power Overload (Replenishing Barrier when healer isn't keeping others alive).
    Ability-Bar 2: Dark Deal, Streak (Inner Rage when dealing with multiple bosses), Frost Reach (Restraining Prison when I want to lock enemies down), Dampen Magic, Unstable Wall of Frost, and Icy Rage (Aggressive Horn when DPS is decent).

    My healer build that I for the most part only use in normal dungeons/trials or in Vet premades, since playing with randoms tend to result in me being in a group that lacks DPS, has a fake tank, or both.
    Gear: 5 Spell Power Cure (All apparel Divines with Max Mag Enchants), 2 spell critical monster set pieces when I don't feel like using spell crit pots, Grothdarr when I want to do more damage, Bogdan when I want more HoTs, Symphony of Blades to provide more emergency resources, or Earthgore when I feel like it would make a significant difference (All Divines. 1 med/1 heavy. Max Mag Enchants), Maelstrom's Lightning Staff (infused/shock enchant), and Infallible Aether jewelry (arcane with spell damage enchant)/restoration staff (infused with weapon damage enchant).
    Ability-Bar 1: Critical Surge (Power Surge for more heals), Boundless Storm, Combat Prayer, Ward Ally (Twilight Matriarch for another burst heal and damage), Energy Orb, and Replenishing Barrier.
    Ability-Bar 2: Dark Deal, Overflowing Altar, Elemental Drain, Hardened Ward (Twilight Matriarch for another burst heal and damage), Unstable Wall of Storms, and Aggressive Horn.

    Tanky utility focused PvP healer that can take down very inexperienced players, but is primarily focused on working alongside others in an organized group, PUGs, or zergs.
    Gear: 5 Torug's Pact (3 heavy body pieces, light waist, and medium hands. All Impenetrable. Max Mag Enchants), 2 heavy Mighty Chudan (All Impenetrable. Max Mag Enchants), and Knight Slayer jewelry (arcane with spell damage enchant)/lightning staff (infused with oblivion enchant)/restoration staff (infused with oblivion enchant. Same enchant as lightning in order to maintain consistent pressure regardless of which staff you're heavy attacking with). [When more focused on damage will change Chudan pieces to medium and light. Also all my Torug body pieces to light except the chest that stays heavy].
    Ability-Bar 1: Structured Entropy, Consuming Trap, Haunting Curse, Ward Ally, Rapid Regeneration, and Life Giver (or Soul Assault).
    Ability-Bar 2: Dark Deal, Elusive Mist, Rune Cage, Hardened Ward, Efficient Purge, and Shooting Star.

    Damage shield tank designed to help my guildmates clear vet dungeons when a typical tank isn't available.
    Gear: 5 Brands of the Imperium (All Divines with Max Mag Enchants), 2 Mother Ciannait (All Divines. 1 med/1 light. Max Mag Enchants). Combat Physician jewelry (arcane with spell damage enchant)/Ice Staff (infused/crusher). Blackrose Restoration Staff (doesn't have to be the perfect version. infused/hardening enchant).
    Ability-Bar 1: Critical Surge, Bound Aegis, Inner Rage, Boundless Storm, Ward Ally, and Replenishing Barrier.
    Ability-Bar 2: Deep Thoughts, Bound Aegis, Restraining Prison (Elemental Drain in vet content if healer isn't using it), Unstable Wall of Frost, Hardened Ward, and Temporal Guard.

    PvE Starter Gear
    Gear: 5 Law of Julianos (heavy chest, gloves/belt light, and the rest can be light or 1 medium piece if you're not wearing medium anywhere else on your body. All in training if grinding for XP or divines), Armor of the Seducer or Magnus' Gift head, shoulder, and staves (light with 1 medium piece if you are not already wearing 1 medium Julianos piece. All in training or divines. The staves should be training or infused), and 3 purple Willpower Jewelry with Arcane trait (can be bought from trading guilds for relatively cheap. Check for the best deals if you're not using a price checking addon).

    High elf, since you will not have issues with sustain, but other mag based races are also fine so this is more of a personal choice.

    Mundus Stones
    PvP: The Atronach.
    PvE: I will almost always use the Atronach in this content as well (especially if I'm healing in PvE or playing it safe while solo). However, in a strong group other Mundus Stones can be effective (Thief is what I would use in a serious group as a healer. As DPS I would use Shadow or Lover depending on group), since a heavy attack rotation will ensure that you're always restoring magicka at a decent rate. When using electric-ward in vet content I will always use the Lady to reach 25k+ physical/spell resistances.

    Current Champion Points
    Mag Sorc: More focused on damage, since changing CP isn't free. Mage: Elfborn (56), Spell Erosion (22), Elemental Expert (64), Staff Expert (44), Master-at-Arms (9), and Thaumaturge (75). Warrior: Ironclad (34), Resistant (8), Light Armor Focus (12), Hardy (32), Elemental Defender (32), Thick Skinned (31), Expert Defender (33), Bastion (56), and Quick Recovery (32). Thief: Warlord (31), Sprinter (6), Bashing Focus (6), Arcanist (75), Tenacity (75), Shade (25), Tumbling (26), and Shadow Ward (26).

    Mag Sorc: (In your gameplay settings turn on quick cast ground abilities) Buff up with Boundless and Surge, weapon swap immediately after casting the previous skill, drop Rage if it's active (only drop it on significant bosses or in situations with lots of enemies where you know you'll have the ult filled up by the next boss), Reach, Unstable, quickly weapon swap, Liquid Flood, two heavy attacks, activate either Surge or Boundless, cancel the animation of the buff used with a weapon swap, and repeat. If you have an excessive amount of ult and you're dealing with trash mobs activate overload before performing the rotation, but don't heavy attack for too long. If you have enough ult for Rage while you're fighting a serious boss and you're in the middle of the rotation just focus on activating the ultimate, afterwards either continue the rotation or start from scratch. During the execute phase (around 20% health) replace the second heavy attack with about 4 Mages' Wrath, but if boss is melting quickly just keep spamming Wrath (hold heavy attack while spamming Wrath). When using Twilight Tormentor only use the active ability before a fight and at times where you aren't actively engaging the boss.

    When frost staff tanking a single boss buff up with Boundless and Surge, weapon swap immediately after casting the previous skill, heavy attack with the ice staff, drop Rage if it's active, Reach/Restraining (at times can be replaced with an additional lightning staff heavy for sustain), Unstable, quickly weapon swap, Lightning Flood, one heavy attack (two if Reach isn't used), activate either Surge or Boundless, cancel the animation of the buff used with a weapon swap, one heavy attack, and repeat. If frost staff tanking multiple bosses buff up with Boundless and Surge, weapon swap immediately after casting the previous skill, heavy attack with the ice staff each enemy, drop Rage if it's active, Unstable, quickly weapon swap, Lightning Flood, heavy attack priority boss in order to proc IA (pink smoke), activate either Surge or Boundless, cancel the animation of the buff used with a weapon swap, heavy attack all the bosses, and repeat. Can also slot in Inner Rage and forego heavy attacking with the ice staff. If using inner rage after getting aggro perform the DPS oriented rotation and retake aggro after 1 rotation. Most challenging bosses to keep aggroed will be the Pact in the Blessed Crucible and the knights in the White-Gold Tower, since you need to keep 3 enemies taunted, but they can also be locked down with Restraining. During the execute phase on a single target (around 20% health) replace the second heavy attack with a partial heavy attack in order to proc IA and around 4 Mages' Wrath, but if boss is melting quickly just keep spamming Wrath (hold block while spamming Wrath).

    When healing in PvE just keep all support skills and Unstable up. Heavy attack primarily with a restoration staff whenever you can. Be reactive with your heals (when someone is scratched use ward ally and top them off with some Prayers). When taking a lot of continuous damage make sure to have all buffs/debuffs up while keeping Energy Orb active in the group. At the boss use the horn ult, but only when the group has decent survivability and damage. If too many players lack survivability then use the barrier ult to make life easier (longer fight, but less risk of death). Can use barrier when dealing with trash mobs (gives back ult).

    In PvP you'll rarely be in a scenario where you can perform a PvE esque rotation with AOE unless you're performing a single target burst. For the most part just stun peeps whenever possible, apply dots, and heavy attack them a few times. Rinse and repeat till they die and use ults as needed, but make sure to keep your health and shields up whenever you take significant damage (might have to keep one's distance if a dk is using a skill like draw essence). When in a high pressure situation stay on the lightning staff bar and keep hardened ward up while stunning and heavy attacking hostiles make sure to keep primary buffs up, heal up, purge, and shield stack as needed. When dealing with a large amount of enemy players alongside your faction keep your distance from friendlies (avoid bombs). If you get debuffs on you be careful not to overuse efficient purge, which is still quite costly. If not grouped up do not bother using purge on a debuffed friendly, since it will not affect them at all.

    In PvE and PvP make sure to utilize tab target to keep track of priority enemies. Use streak in PvE for mag based movement that also allows you to stun a group of enemies. Use elusive mist for mag based movement, snare removal, and damage mitigation in PvP (can also be used in stealth, but will pop you out of a hidden state for a brief moment).

    In PvP when solo taking a resource ride your mount towards the tower, aggro the two guards at the front of the entrance, then head on inside the tower, buff up, purge, head up the stairs, kill everyone that follows especially the mage guard, kill everyone on the flag, and flip.

    Favorite Foods and Potions
    Gold Food for PvE:
    (DPS) Corrupting Bloody Mara (increases Max Magicka by 4620, Max Health by 5051, and Health Recovery by 505 for 2 hours). If a vampire use font of loss furnishing to decrease vampirism to stage 1 to benefit from health recovery.

    Gold Food for PvP and PvE:
    (PvP healer/PvE serious tank) Clockwork Citrus Filet (increases Max Health by 3326, Health Recovery by 406 [useful if stage 1 vampire], Max Magicka by 3080, and Magicka Recovery by 338 for 2 hours).

    Trash Potions when feeling cheap:
    Regular CP150 Essence of Magicka pots that I obtain frequently from playing the game or Crown Tri-Restoration Potion obtained from dailies.

    Crafted Potions:
    Essence of Spell Critical (Bugloss, Lady's Smock, and Water Hyacinth). Without magelight this is my primary means of obtaining Major Prophecy, which increases my Spell Critical Rating. This also heals and restores magicka. Essence of Immovability (Columbine, Corn Flower, and Wormwood). I use this in PvP, since this gives me stealth detection, knockback immunity, and restores magicka (better to use it when competent allies are nearby, since it might reveal that you are surrounded by multiple players in stealth and you will not have an emergency pot available after use). Essence of Invisibility with only 2 ingredients (Blue Entoloma, Namira's Rot, Nirnroot, or Spider Egg). I use this in PvE content that requires stealth and if I need more speed I'll use Rapid Maneuver before using the potion. Essence of Invisibility with 3 ingredients (Blessed Thistle, Blue Entoloma, and Namira's Rot). Very useful in PvP alongside the vampire Dark Stalker passive, since you'll be invisible, ignore movement speed penalty while in Crouch, and you'll have a 30% movement speed boost from Major Expedition (I always have this slotted when riding from point A to B in PvP land, since gankers are always lurking).
  • TheChinbone
    I enjoy farming gold and spending it all at the outfit station :D
  • logarifmik
    Questing, housing.
    EU PC: @logarifmik | Languages: Русский, English
    Dimitri Frernis | Breton Sorcerer | Damage Dealer | Daggerfall Covenant
    Scales-of-Ice | Argonian Warden | Tank / Healer | Daggerfall Covenant
  • Zacuel
    Farting in the mic while on public chat.
  • mairwen85
    This is going to sound really weird, but I love zone chat. Sometimes it's an unrelenting dumpster fire. Sometimes you can see new players coming to grips with the game. You can offer advice. You can torment trolls. Sometimes you can just make someone's day.

    This is mine too. Zone chat is amazing. Glad I'm not the only weirdo.
    Is all that we see or seem
    but a dream within a dream?

    ~ Edgar Allan Poe
  • ayu_fever
    FASHION!!!! the outfit station is MY end game ❤️❤️❤️

    i enjoy dungeons very much. pug normals and vet with friends.

    trials i dont mind. the content itself is well designed but most of the trials community is a cesspool of toxic elitists. i just stick to normal and do enough runs to get certain sets and never go back.

    zone questing is perhaps my favorite thing to do, but i only do them on my main toon so once it is done it is forever done. i dont care to replay that content.

    not into housing but it is really cool and lots of folks enjoy it. i bought a medium sized house and put some things in it just so i can have my own space away from people.

    i tanked for 3 years on eso. i really enjoy it but.... i tried healing and never went back to tanking! I LOVE BEING THE HEALER!

    never got into fishing, but i never spent time trying to get into it. perhaps i will try that soon.

    pvp has its place. i suck at it and i am comfortable with that. i dont cry for nerfs i just respawn and try again. i dont mind to play long enough to get that tier 1 for the geode because it goes very quick as a healer!!!

    ZOS made a fantastic game that we all love and enjoy.
    theres just so much to do and something for everyone!
    thank you ZOS for making this wonderful game!
    PS4 NA

    all characters are members of the ebonheart pact master race

    main character:
    Rebekah Straight-Fire, breton templar healer: THE FATEBRINGER (dungeons, trials, pvp)
    —MERIDIA’S LUSTRANT— 1100+CP; alliance rank 21 (major grade 1); Rebekah is the most devoted and loyal follower of the lady of infinite energies and the highest ascendant of meridia’s purified legion and was forged from meridia’s brilliant radiance of purity.

    other meta toons-
    Alexa Straight-Fire, breton warden healer: THE ALCHEMIST (dungeons, trials)
    Sasha Straight-Fire, nord dragonknight tank: THE UNBREAKABLE (dungeons, trials)
    Freyja Straight-Fire, nord warden tank: THE ICEBERG (dungeons, trials)
    Ororo Straight-Fire, dark elf magsorc pet dps: THE SHOCKWAVE (dungeons, trials)
    Michonne Straight-Fire, redguard stamDK 2H/bow dps: THE EVISCERATOR (dungeons, trials)

    just for fun toons-
    Rhea Straight-Fire, wood elf warden stam healer: THE RANGER
    Shiva Straight-Fire, high elf warden ice mage: THE CRYOMANCER
    Morgana Straight-Fire, dark elf necromancer solo play: THE DEATHSINGER
    Lucille Straight-Fire, high elf nightblade solo play: THE VOIDWALKER
    Diana Straight-Fire, nord templar tank: THE CLERIC
    Falsetto Straight-Fire, orc stamsorc werewolf: THE THUNDERHOWL
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