Maintenance for the week of November 18:
· [COMPLETE] PC/Mac: NA and EU megaservers for patch maintenance – November 18,  4:00AM EST (09:00 UTC) - 8:00AM EST (13:00 UTC)
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cant login, please help

The screenshot should explain it all.

how cant a game originating from the usa have less us players then the eurpean ones? the developers said it themselves, the eu servers are suffering from overloading issues wile the na doesnt, i presume this is the case again?...

i tried repairing, repairing via steam (wich inturn forced me to completely remove and reinstall eso for some reason, never had this issue when repairing eso whit steam before), restarting my laptop and checking my internet but everything else works (browser, other games, steam and bethesda launcer,, it all works, i dont know what this is supposed to be but i bet that its once again the servers...

update: i noticed that it already was spotted, and i bet its the servers them selves again, not some connection issue or watever, just the servers again... like they already said in their apologizing letter/topic when dragonhold got released

i realy hope this can get solved fast.... becouse i got some tickets to claim and i dont want to let this extra week of free tickets get wasted by some faulty code, overheating servers or watever can bring them in such a dire state
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for more info ask me, @stitchesofdooom or the leader of raok 2 (he has multiple tags on eso forums so giving an id is hard whitoud getting angry looks of the possible ''victim'')
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