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[solved] Can't log into eso

I get stuck on "Requesting login" and can literally leave it for hours w/o successfully logging in. I haven't been able to login for the last 12 hours.

I've tried the repair option through the launcher.
I've tried disabling all addons.
I've tried windows update.
I've tried turning off my firewall (eso already exempted anyway).
I've tried force redownloading ProgramData by renaming it to ProgramDataBackup
I've tried rebooting
I've tried running Steam as an administrator
I've tried running eso64.exe instead of launching through steam (get a login time out message)

Setup a static ip
ensured ports were open

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  • goatlyonesub17_ESO
    That's even worse than what happens to me. Although I occasionally can log on the game in one or two tries, most of the time I have to try six to ten times, and once I made it on the 61st try. I figure that it takes a while for the megaserver to notice me.
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