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Food and Stuff [Trading Guild] is looking for new traders to join our established community!

Soul Shriven
We would love to have anyone who is looking for a trading home whether you're an experienced seller or wanting to improve your gold-making skills! Food and Stuff has all of the amenities you expect from an established guild like:

-A fully stocked guild hall with all set crafting stations in an easy-to-use-space, all mundus stones, plenty of target dummies, and a transmute station of course!
-Resources to improve your income such as a gold-making guide and tons of experienced traders from all parts of the game whose brains you can pick
-Efficient communication: we have online resources that explain all our events and raffles in detail so you can find answers to questions anytime as well as a friendly and active Discord server. We promise not to spam you with guild mail in game! We'll make sure everything we send you is actually important.
-Raffles with a ton of ways to enter: from gold to fish to mats to master writs and more!
-Lots of events. Weekly events for farming and pve as well as seasonal and infrequent events like screenshot contests and furnishing competitions so that we can cover a variety of interests

We are currently trading out of Elden Root in Grahtwood and our dues are either 7k in raffle tickets OR 50k sales each week. We also have a farming event and non-gold options for meeting your reqs and a dedicated discord bot with on-demand info on how you're doing during the week.

Our officers are primarily based in NA, but all of our raffles and our auction can be won when you're offline, so there's no pressure to be awake when we are.

If you're interested in applying or would like more information, you can check us out in the guild finder or send mail to @Troub_S in-game.

We'd love to have you!
  • sueblue
    Food and Stuff is the best guild.
    Awake/Asleep, I dream.
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