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Should a stable master be available as a service NPC such as a Banker and Merchant?

  • rpa
    Yes, but for house placement only
    I don't care but if someone wants a limited usability decor NPC it's their problem not mine.
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  • rotaugen454
    Yes, and allow it to follow like other NPCs
    When I start a new character, I get training gear from the portable banker and put them in a grind area. Grab some xp scroll from banker too. If I could do horse training in grind area, it would save a lot of time in the grind to 50.
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  • phileunderx2
    Yes, but for house placement only
    I say yes. I'm all for anything that keeps me from having to go to populated areas which now have more lag than the largest Zerg fests that infest cyrodiil.
  • Kuramas9tails
    Yes, but for house placement only
    I want ALL the NPCs in my house. An enchanter, a grocer, a chef, ect. I want my house to be a house of slaves. Make them all argonians too.
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    • peacenote
      Yes, but for house placement only
      How funny! I just had this idea today and was going to post it. Guess I'm not that original. ;)

      But yes I'd love to see our stables in our homes have a stable master.

      I don't think it should follow you around but it would be cool if it had a unique feature, like, say, maybe the ability to make double progress for triple the gold cost when leveling your mounts.
    • Tigerseye
      Yes, but for house placement only
      ErinM31 wrote: »
      I see no benefit to it. You’re going to use it at most once every 20 hours — why would you need one on call? They can be found in every major city. And after you’ve trained up riding on all your alts, they’d be of no use at all except as a decoration, and that’s quite an expensive decoration.

      Well, for people who do housing, it would also be another NPC to put in their houses.

      So, it would have a practical use, but would (or could) also be decorative; especially in houses with a stable, or barn.

      Personally, I could do with a tavern maid and a chef NPC, more than I need a stable master, from a purely decorative point of view, as I have a lot of bar/restaurant/hotel type houses, but this would also be good.
      Edited by Tigerseye on September 17, 2019 1:41AM
    • Gnortranermara
      Yes, and allow it to follow like other NPCs
      Certainly not necessary, but I like it. It would be most useful for housing, of course, but I don't really see a need to limit the location. Might as well be able to whip them out wherever.
    • Jayroo
      Merchant's and bank's are useful for various reasons. A stable npc is like... ok i guess.... but... why?
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