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Nvidia GeForce Experience - Working

This may be old news that I'm just catching up to,
but GeForce Experience is finally recognizing ESO again, properly that is.
(without the need to create blank folders or files named eso.exe)
From what I remember the problem stemmed from Ambien Occlusion not showing up in GeForce Experience as a valid setting, so it wouldn't ever optimize the game itself.

So far I've been playing with the "optimal" settings from Geoforce (which is apparently maxed the f*ck out beyond what I need) and its been holding steading above 60+ fps in Cyro with no issues so far. Tbh the comparison between before and after optimization is pretty heavy for me. Im legitimately surprised at the performance gain from it, although Im not holding my breath.

Anyways, just thought id mention something in the event it was something new with the latest Geoforce update. I know everyone doesn't have the same setup, but hopefully it works for you as it did for me.

One more thing: If you have your Usersettings file locked or set to Read Only, remember to revert that back as you will continue to get the "Not Optimized" message until you do.
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  • RouDeR
    The optimization from G-Force experience is utterly useless and incorrect.

    You are way better to use your custom settings inside the game.

    Clear example why the optimize is not detecting the proper settings that you should use:

    I`m with GTX 1080ti using 1440p 144hz monitor

    The optimal settings recommended from the G-force are using 4k resolution, like WHAT THE ACTUAL *** ?!? in 4k the GTX 1080ti can barely hold 90-100 fps in this game, let alone 144 fps.

    Also the in game water reflection quality is set to the max ultra/high where it tanks your performance enormously

    The only thing that G-force experience is good for is for the FreeStyle shaders
  • Kileo
    Per my last email

    I understand everyones setup is different, I also understand Geoforce exaggerates their resume when it comes to what is qualified for being optimal .

    Simply sharing some information that has improved my gameplay in hopes it might for someone else. Who knows, maybe my last Usersettings was premium trash and its simply correcting my own wrongs.

    But of course I didnt keep Water Reflections on. I'm not actively trying to catch my computer on fire. I changed a couple obvious over-the-top settings, like the latter.

    Opinions aside, its helped my case. *shrug*
    Believers Never Die
    Aether Sol Invictus
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