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[Dungeon Queue] for the Healer - Dps - Dps roles, which combination do you think is best

By "pure DPS" I mean a toon optimized for DPS and no abilities classed as Healer abilities

[Dungeon Queue] for the Healer - Dps - Dps roles, which combination do you think is best 26 votes

Healer + 2x pure DPS
brandoncoffmannub18_ESOmikemaconHappyLittleTreeTritinezvaviEirininAlidel 7 votes
3x DPS all with some self-healing
James-WayneSomewherePuzzlenutsQbikennigeltheclydesdaleFatFredredbeard_howardKryserKeewoSaril_Durzamb95fister 11 votes
DPS with some ability to heal someone else + 2x pure DPS
AzuryakojouUPrimeBlkadrSnowZeniaccfeeling 6 votes
what you think the Healer + 2 DPS roles are meant to be
something else
ZuricaEl_Borracho 2 votes
  • mocap
    imo the best static combo for most dungeons is 3 dps + tank like this:
    - single target/AoE (fast switch via addon) magplar with BoL and Ext Ritual
    - classic AoE pet sorc with Matriarch
    - stam NB or stam Necro with Vigor
    - DK tank
  • Orjix
    4x full DPS, full send. yeah I try to never go into dungeons, the worst part of the game by a long shot.
  • brandoncoffmannub18_ESO
    Healer + 2x pure DPS
    I enjoy the "holy trinity".

    Let me be a dps, another dps help me, a healer buff/heal me and a tank buff/protect me.
    Raise your arguments, not your insults.

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  • Iskiab
    I enjoy the "holy trinity".

    Let me be a dps, another dps help me, a healer buff/heal me and a tank buff/protect me.

    I agree completely. It’s smoother and with good dps you rip through things.

    I’d rather have a healer throw out some damage then 3 dps trying to heal.
    Looking for any guildies I used to play with:
    Havoc Warhammer - Alair
    LoC EQ2 - Mayi and Iskiab
    Condemned and Tabula Rasa - Rift - Iskiab
    Or anyone else I used to play games with in guilds I’ve forgotten
  • Eirinin
    Healer + 2x pure DPS
    I enjoy the "holy trinity".

    Let me be a dps, another dps help me, a healer buff/heal me and a tank buff/protect me.

    Agreed. It just seems to go more smoothly and with less frustration if everyone has their roles and responsibilities and they embrace that.
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  • Bobby_V_Rockit
    3 deeps and a proper tank
  • Zurica
    Soul Shriven
    something else
    I'm ok with all of the above options as long as each person can legitimately pull their weight and handle the dungeon in the way they choose to play it without inconveniencing anyone else.

    I do like a proper tank with three DD's set up for fast runs, I also enjoy healing three DD's for fast runs as long as they know what's going on.

    Ultimately, there is nothing is more annoying than queuing for a dungeon as my Tempar DD and ending up in a pug group with a fake tank who is actually a DD / a fake healer who also is a DD and even DD's who think they're optimized for DPS but turn out to be subpar. I always end up having to change my skills and adding in group heals or even a taunt to make the run less painful and / or successful. It's even more frustrating when I queue for veteran dungeons with my NB healer and end up with three DD's in a mechanic heavy dungeon. Most the time I can't even get off my first skill bar to properly get my buffs in. I waste resources spamming combat prayer three times because each DD is running around like headless chickens in different directions, I quickly run my own health low because I'm spamming healthy offering on the fake tank since simple HoT's are not cutting it like they would with a proper tank, then when that fails I'm spending too much time repeatedly ressing the fake tank because they got their faced bashed in by a heavy attack, then ressing the second DD who got the aggro and died because they as well got their face bashed in. As if that wasn't bad enough, most these of people don't even know the mechanics and it's their first time in the dungeon (even people at max CP), so when they die because they are "standing in stupid" and I can't out heal stupid, they cry out: no heals / fake healer / NB bad healer. And don't even get me started when I choose to be polite and say "thank you" if we actually managed to complete the dungeon and they turn around and say "you're welcome."
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  • idk
    The definition in the OP is poorly worded which also leads into poorly thought out choices for answers which removes value from the poll.

    There are good dps builds that have self healing without having a skill that would considered a "healer ability" so those builds fit all dps angles in the answers which is why the results will be pretty meaningless.

    Beyond that, it depends on the group itself. There are players that need a tank and healer for normal dungeon runs. It is sad but true. So what is best really depends on how good the players in the group. The poll cannot answer the question.
    Really, idk
  • zvavi
    Healer + 2x pure DPS
    To be honest people will probably be surprised that i voted dedicated healer. They know me for calling for 3 dd runs :D . But to be honest almost no bar space for self heals since last patch.
  • El_Borracho
    something else
    This entirely depends on the dungeons. Most base dungeons can be run with 3X DPS with self healing. A lot of the DLC need a healer
  • James-Wayne
    3x DPS all with some self-healing
    Most of the dungeons including the DLC ones don't need a dedicated healer, so longs the 3 DPS have self-heals, shields and some migration than all you need it tank to take the big hits and position the boss.

    A well optimised group of 3 DPS and Tank is all you need!

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  • kojou
    DPS with some ability to heal someone else + 2x pure DPS
    I'm actually cool with any combination if everyone knows what they are doing. If there is a "noob" in the group then a traditional tank + healer + 2 DD group goes smoother.
    Playing since beta...
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