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Sload's Semblance completely broken in PvP interactions (XBOX One)

Sloads Semblance will not proc the DoT oblivion damage on enemy players under any circumstance. The set will not activate in Battlegrounds, Cyrodiil, Imperial City, and Duels. It does activate on PvE enemies within PvP environments (Daedra in Imperial City, guards in Cyrodiil), but never players. Can we get confirmation of this @ZOS_GinaBruno please?
  • Beardimus
    Damn i thought this was a necro thread from a year ago and by broken it meant OP lol
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  • Maiyu93
    I made 2 posts about this already, don't think they responded but maybe they saw the posts. It only procs on Sorcerer pets, Warden Feral Guardian and even blastbones. Does not work on enemy players at all. @ZOS_GinaBruno
  • Lokey0024
    Same with knight slayer. Had a good build but is trashed now because it doesn't proc
  • susmitds
    Good riddance.
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