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Fighters Guild.

I decided to join the Fighters Guild. Is there a questline you can do for them? If so, where do I go to start it?

Thanks for replies in advance.

  • SirAndy
    Yes there is. There should be a quest giver right where you joined them to get you started. Look for quest markers.
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  • VaranisArano
    You can start the questline from the Fighters Guild located in your alliance's starter zone. The quest will start with something like "Report to Sees-All-Colors", who's your guildmaster.
  • ghastley
    If you go to any of the other guildhalls, Bera Morrsmith will leap on you like another Stuga, and send you off to see Sees-All-Colors. She'll be at Vulkhel Guard, Daggerfall, or Davon's Watch, so going directly to one of those is fastest.

    The first quest takes you to a local site, so doing it in your own starter zone is easiest, as you'll have more of the wayshrines.
  • Nestor
    You also need to work with the FG in your Alliance Starter city, at least initially. Note, it has been a while since I did the FG Questline, so this restriction may have been relaxed.
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  • AcadianPaladin
    @Senneth your question has been ably answered above. Be aware (if you are not) that doing the FG quest line does not increase the FG skill line. The FG skill line is increased by killing daedra and undead. With so many daedric/undead foes in the game the skill line normally advances easily and quickly. It can also be increased by doing the FG daily quest, which involves closing three assigned dolmen.
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