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Tamriel Independent Trading Society - for you new folks & old

Hi all

Does the trading side of ESO leave you feeling bemused and confused? It all seems too much bother and a hassle, if so you are not alone. Most of our members can tell you stories of how they had played the game for month’s even years before they ever got involved in the trading side of ESO, all of them will tell you now that they never realised just how big a part of the game they were missing out on.

Whether you are just looking to sell your loot for a better price than a merchant will give you, your looking to make your fortune, or just want to explore a new area of the game, you will want to do it in a fun, stress free and informative way.

Tamriel Independent Trading Society

is setting up for just that, we are willing to help those new to the game, new to trading or both. It makes no difference if you have any kind of experience or not with any aspect of ESO, we already have a considerable amount of members totally new to it all. We are happy of course to have old hands join us.

We are not charging any fees, or putting any kind of sales limits on members, while we set up, there most likely will come a point where we ask for fee’s, as running a trader is not cheap, but it will always be affordable, we will rely on numbers to spread the load, and if you join us and you don’t like it, it’s a simple click of the mouse to leave. But of course we hope you will see the benefits of staying and will be part of this community we are trying to build up.

We will have raffles, and fun group activities as we go for anyone who wants a bit more than just trading, but we will have not only the information you need to learn the trading side, we will have experienced traders and gamer's that will be happy to help you out.

Apologies for the wall of text, I hope to see you in our discord channel ( ) you can drop me a message here, pm or answer to this below, or find myself or one of our awesome Mods/Admin in discord, or simply give me a shout in game @FAD

Our Current Trader Is Located In The Clockwork City

Join us or not, I hope you have an excellent gaming experience GLHF (Good Luck, Have Fun).

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