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would love to have a functioning wayshrine for my houses! is there any chance this can happen?
  • kind_hero
    This is one of the ideas I mention every time when there is a new post with furnishing ideas.

    It would be great to have for houses that are far away, like Psijic Villa or Linchal Manor (and many more).
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  • votan73
    A wayshrine may be too much. But a portal that brings you close to the nearest wayshrine. (Or any other marked location) That would be great.
  • Eirinin
    Or a portal device that brings you to your capital city for your alliance. That'd make out of the way homes and crafting writs a little less of an annoyance.
  • Nestor
    We should be able to port from our home that we own to any other wayshrine in the game. There are 3 or 4 homes that have a close wayshrine, if not just right outside the door, a close stroll away. That really limits desirability for all the other homes in the game.

    Plus it would cut down on sever load not having to instance twice.
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  • katanagirl1
    One of my friends has the Princely Dawnlight home in Hew’s Bane. There is no way I’d make that trek all the way through Abah’s Landing to get to the nearest wayshrine, no matter how much I loved the house.
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