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A few suggestions -- Housing has so much MISSED opportunity

I absolutely love a lot of the housing aspect. My personal fav has been (and still is) Earthtear Cavern -- although I have collected a bunch of different ones and so have a few I really like --- all have potential and some are extremely convenient to port to and step out of into wherever you are going.

With that said: Consider adding something asap where we can FISH at our own homes (same/similar randomness, maybe make it less frequent or lower chances of getting anything --- for the Homes with enough water of course). The things incorporated into the world should be in the game.

Also we should have of course --- a higher limit. You can do some AMAZING things with all of the places and the current limit. But the potential could be so much more (if of course, this can be done with relatively no noticeable lag impact on the overall game). I imagine that is part of the challenge (and the cost wink wink LOL).

We pay A LOT whether in gold or crowns for these homes. I'm going to go out on a limb and say most of us are just regular working people, some retired, some in school, etc... a few may be swimming in RL gold but that's not what fuels the game. It's the collective, which creates a value more than currency. So throw us all a few Pro-Customer features, will ya?

I like supporting this game. It's one of the few I don't mind because the quality of the game content itself is excellent. So thank you! But, really... let us fish at home. Let us do more.

Make various poses with the seats.. I don't even RP, but sometimes I just want to listen to a podcast and chill in my damn cavern and FISH. LOL Instead, I have a death gauntlet of plants I run through (thank you for those btw, they should be permanently in the store tbh --- everyone should get a go at them lol).

Add some social functions, not just for RPers but people who want to chill. Allow some sort of building while at home maybe, like a slower process to design furniture which grants some sort of xp. There is just so much, it needs to be tweaked. Lastly, allow us to leave directly from our homes OR return to where we were (as long as it wasn't a now-closed instance) --- via getting a prompt AND another option for setting it manually once while staying that way (until changing it ourselves).

Maybe allow us to unlock "portals" to add to our places (with limits if you must lol), that will take us to a place we will be frequenting let's say. This also gives more incentive to actually do more crafting, idling, & Dungeon Finder queuing at home (or waiting for the Raid to be formed, etc...).

TL;DR: Giving us more social options & WORLD interaction options at our homes we spend so much on (whether it be gold or crowns) --- not to mention time! This will definitely make them more useful. I like visiting mine, but will get bored after a bit even though some of them look amazing imo. I put a transmute station & outfit/dye station there and that is probably my most time spent (which isn't a ton, but more than just sitting around).
  • Eirinin
    Lovely post. Agree 100%.

    If I can add to it? Give us tabletop or some sort of smaller crafting furniture. The grill provision station is a step in the right direction. I'd love a small jewelry station that I can put on a desk. A small sewing basket station to put on a table as opposed to a dead animal nailed to a board on a huge table?

    Perhaps give us herb beds or window boxes of plants that can be harvested once a week in our homes for alchemy and cooking mats. Heck, as far fetched as this is, I would love to see us get a chance to gather seeds in the wild and grow the seeds at home in crafted pots and planters. Perhaps even a mini game to raise them over a month with chances of rare colors or blooms.

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  • krisor67_ESO
    Awesome ideas there for housing, we really need something more in them. I spend ALOT of time decorating my houses, and once its done i don't go to them much, unless it is to show it to a friend. It would be awesome to have nods that we can harvest like out in the world, if anything make them a special item or like the fog and that is. Sell them as crafting material in the crown store, i don't care if i have to spend crown for them.
    Also give up the choice to put ALL out characters in a house, I have 15 of them and the only one that is in the house is the one I'm on......come on, let us put them in houses. The mount and pet limit also needs to be kicked up a notch or 10.
    DPS player, not big on PVP but will do it. Love the homestead part of the game, spend a lot of time decorating places.
  • Gahmerdohn
    Very good point, 100% Agree!
    I already thought about this many times, I allow myself to add some ideas to yours if you don't mind:

    1) The option, in the same screen as permissions, to change the house usage:

    - SHOPS: People could sell their craft there (without being in pressured by trading guilds 40 sells /week) obviously it'd be less convenient cause you have to know the seller or the home to go there so trading merchants are still relevant.

    - Guildhall: now this house will appear in the Guild UI and guild Finder UI. When the house is changed to this usage you have new functionalities like the ability to add a recruitment board, Undaunted trophies can only be placed if the boss has been killed with the full guild team, a merchant that serve like the already existing trading merchants and of course the Banners of the guild.

    - Arena: with the ability to add a leaderboard...etc

    2) Utilities:

    - Cultivate Alchemy ingredients, something with a small limit so it doesn't beak the economy but just for "my personal consumption officer "

    - you already mention it but the idea to add portals to other homes (like EHT) or to major cities (specially this). This could even be a new NPC for houses witch is a mage from the mages guild and he creates a portal to the places you already attuned him to have !!!! I just thought about this now.

    - Crafting station now has the options to be used a repair station so we can finally repair our gear in our homes. Isn't it odd that we are capable of crafting legendary gear in legendary crafting places we have created but unable to repair a green item that just received one hit by a Durzog??? (you can add a cost in materials or gold if this create unbalances in the economy due to the fact that we don't spend money on the merchant to repair Although I think that the investment to have a house with crafting stations is already justifing that we now deserve to repair for Free.)

    3) Music: for me, the music boxes are one of the biggest waste of an idea (I apologies cause I know many people love them but stay with me just for a minute):

    - Region/cultural Music: After completing the main quest + exploration + skyshard + Quest achievement we have a new achievement that allows us to purchase the songs of that region and now when you go to your home you can play it on you music box (with will be a unique music box that you can change the songs playing).

    -Dungeon Music: Same concept here

    - Because Crown store have to live, I get that, why not sell in the crown store the songs of other TES games? Or maybe Originals?

    -Bards: Of course bards !!!! base on certain achievements you can hire a bard to place at your home when you talk to him you have an option to choose a song to hear (base on the sex of course) for 25 gold or something.

    4) NPC:
    In top of merchants for shops houses, guildhall bards and the teleportation Mage why not have also other NPCs like:

    - Undaunted envoy: He/she just gives you the quests, you still have to go back to the enclave to end them

    - Copies of our characters, the one that we are logged in disappear from the house of course.

    -"useless NPC" with a custom short text that we write ourselves. With the option of combining the character creation UI and outfit UI to make them the way we want according to the home theme and so one. (I know I'm going too far but how knows ^^) specially big homes feel empty and dead most of the time and We are the saviors of Tamriel right? So for sure, we have met some people that want to follow us ^^

    These are just some ideas that I find really interesting and would make housing actually agood experience even after the decoration process because right now after decoration it's kind of shallow if you're not a hard RPer...

    In a good MMORPG, the features should interact with one another and not housing is just hosing and almost do not interact with anything else, that makes the world looks like dead where you just have an accumulation of features not like a living breathing world.
  • Xerikten
    signs we can write a brief message on that flashes on screen when you walk near it.

    a save design option. so we can save several layouts

    clicky one way portal items. would make nice achievement merchant items.

    ability to see non guildies' houses or more than the one.

  • TelvanniWizard
    And way more pet slots, please.
  • Gahmerdohn
    And ladders the same way they work in-game: Clic and hop you appear upstairs or downstairs of the ladder :o
  • MojaveHeld
    Lotta great ideas here. Especially adding fishing holes to homes. I always though it would be cool if becoming Master Angler allowed you to purchase an attunable fishing hole. For example, attune it to be a Rift foul hole, since that one's a pain.
  • buttaface
    Returning in July from leaving in 2017 when housing was new, was astounded at the lack of additional housing functionality over two years, and at the way they developed housing as mostly giant crown only options. At the very least, well-designed system seeking to encourage players to spend more $$ would include.

    1. Customizable environmental sounds and music.
    2. Customizable weather.
    3. NPCs that wander around the grounds doing something.
    4. Ability to place homunculi of other alts than the one in the house at any given time that could be limited to sitting in chairs, sleeping, or at least display stands of alt characters and outfits.
    5. Ability to lay down directly on bed pillows and other furniture rather than guesstimate.
    6. Pets and mounts that wander and do far and more frequent actions in the house than they do currently.
    7. More interaction/animation to crafting stations than standard overland crafting stations.
    8. Far more interactive, animated furnishings. A few dwemer things, lights and a handful of achievement furnishings and that's it? Really?

    Can't believe some of these haven't been put in during the years now since housing was introduced, yet they pump out near infinite amounts of additional static "stuff" that doesn't really add any living space vibe to the housing system.
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