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FPS Counter At 40, Looks Like 5?

I'm not necessarily looking for steps to fix this. Im more wondering if I am the only one and I should continue trying to remedy the issue or just wait for another patch. My in game FPS counter isn't dropping all that low, only to 40 or at worst 25, but it looks like 5. This has only been happening to me since Scalebreaker and it does not seem to be related to changes in graphics quality as lowering them to nearly nothing does not help.

This is in Cyrodiil and it doesn't seem to matter if I am fighting at a twenty person keep take or 1v1. The game will start stuttering horribly. Sometimes bigger battles are actually more smooth.

I know performance issues in Cyrodiil are nothing new but this particular problem has never plagued me. I've spent countless hours tweaking all kinds of settings to keep ESO running as well as possible but none of those tricks seem to help with this at all. Additionally it seem to worsen over the length of my play time.

If anyone has any out of the box suggestions great, although I've probably tried just about everything on my end.
  • gibous
    I've been having the same exact experience as you since scalebreaker launched. Pretty sure it's the game itself and not a configuration or hardware issue.
    Reddington James — Magsorc & Magplar (NA PC)
  • blee88
    I've been searching threads on Reddit, here, Steam, via Google. Trying to figure out a fix. Just recently upgraded my entire PC and can't believe how poor the game is running. It's like you say, the most it drops down to is 45 in towns but the stuttering and choppy gameplay feels more like 5 or 10. It isn't even from just the "busy" areas like Vivec bank or running into the Pledge Givers area. Happens sometimes in a housing instance with only 1 player. When you hit ESC or C for character sheet and the camera zooms in quickly.

    I've tried all the user settings tweaks, disabled hpet in Windows, turned off all audio drivers that I am not using. Downloaded some privacy tweaker tool for Windows. Adjusted the ingame settings numerous times. Loaded the game without a single addon. Nothing has helped whatsoever. Have played numerous other games with very stable and smooth FPS.

    What I can't believe is the uproar in ability changes and whatever, it's almost as if no one is experiencing this. Either that or they just have become used to slideshows.

  • Vapirko
    @blee88 Idk about you, my problem was related specifically to the Templar class and some issue with a memory leak associated with their healing skill line that was exacerbated by an addon called Action Duration Reminder. It’s since been updated however so it’s much better now.
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