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PCNA latency from Australia

As a lot of people are aware OCE players are experiencing some terrible latency for the last few weeks. Typical ping below.

Without VPN
Ranging from 400 to 500 with 550+ in trials

With VPN
Ranging from 300 to 350

I'm dealing with a lot of queries, concern and frustration from my guildies and with the lack of official info from ZOS players are walking out.

Can we get a comment from ZOS on the current latency issues?

I'm not asking for a detailed report or anything. Just a simple 'we are aware and looking into it' would help.

Apart from the lag itself, the biggest concern I get is 'they haven't said anything so they clearly dont care/aren't going to fix it'.
  • Vapirko
    Well we know this game has an issue with latency. I play from SE Asia and the US at different time and I can say that even from the East Coast on a good connection my latency can regularly surpass 150 and hit 180 on more crowded time in PvP which frankly there’s no real excuse for seeing as if I send a ping to Texas (where I believe the servers are?) I get a 90ms ping. But they’re just not going to comment on whatever poor coding/hardware optimization is causing this even if they know. Additionally my performance from SE Asia with 280-300 ping isn’t honestly that much worse than US performance closer to prime time even if pops are the same. So regardless of where you are the game just has garbage performance for whatever host of reasons. But of course the further away you are the issues are just compounded.
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  • LordGavus
    The concern we have is until a few weeks ago we were at 280-330 without a VPN. Then it just randomly jumped to 450 with no warning and has been there since.

    While 300 ping isn't great, its manageable and we can play vet hm content. We just want that ping back.
  • ZOS_BillE
    Since another discussion is already open on this topic, we will be closing this thread. You can continue posting in the thread linked below.

    Australia to PC NA ping up by 100 over the last 3 or so weeks. Tracert included.
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