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Boneyard not doing 50% more dmg with corpse.

Help me if my math is wrong here.

My boneyard without a corpse is dealing 1068 damage per tick to a target.

On that same target if I use a corpse it then deals 1458 damage.

This is a 36.5% increase in damage. Not 50%.

Even if someone has resists say like 40%... if you deal 1500 dmg -40% = 900 dmg, then 50% more would be 2250 dmg -40%=1350.

900+50% more dmg = 1350. So that math works perfectly.

So how is a spell ticking for 1068, then with 50% more dmage only dealing 390 more damage (36.5%)?

Seems buggy to me.
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