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Launcher makes my pc insanely slow at around 27%. (launcher gets incredibly slow too)

I found a file called host.developer.log that was modified/created at around the time of the last update. So I opened it up and looked through it and I found that it had found an error reading a file by this line:

Failed on File_Read [C:\Program Files (x86)\Zenimax Online\The Elder Scrolls Online\depot\eso0048.dat] 65536 (22)

So I went in that directory and deleted the eso0048.dat file in the hopes that maybe this file was corrupt and that makes the launcher goes bazonka when it tried to read it. I then started repair and then updated again and now it completed succesfully.

Zos, you may want to implement a fix for issue like this: when a file is unreadable or fails you really should put in some safeguards here. You could at least include such a problem in your troubleshooting guides. I had to figure this out all by myself, none of your guides mentions any of this? Having to hard shutdown a pc like is not a very safe thing to do, so that the eso launcher can cause this is serious. You'll risk bricking someones windows at some point.

When the installer has reached about 27% complete for the update the launcher freezes/gets incredibly slow, as does the rest of my pc. I try to press ctrl-alt-del to see in task manager and it is 2-3 minutes to open it. I cant open a browser and nothing responds or is super slow to respond. At that point I had no other choice than to do a hard shutdown of the pc by holding the power button down for a few seconds.

When I try to repair through the launcher the same thing happens at around 43% complete of the repairing process.

I do not have problems playing other games, browsing internet, watching moves, syncing my iphone etc, everything works splendidly except when I run the eso launcher update and repair everything will freeze get incredibly slow or unresponsive at 23% update and 43% repair.

I also scanned my harddrive for errors (right clicked on the drive - tools - check), but found no errors.

What is causing this, and how can I make it right?

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