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So the patch is live. How many have abandoned all hope?

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    STEVIL wrote: »
    Because it is certainly a catastrophe right?

    No. not really. all seems well to me.

    Wait, what again? Wasn't it catastrophic last time, the time before that, last year, the year before and so on?

    Reminds me of the CM on the WoW forums back in the day, who kept (and posted after every patch) a running list of all the things that had "killed" WoW according to the Chicken Little crowd. :D

    This is a bit of an unfair and oversimplified portrayal of a lot of the thoughtful feedback that was provided as a result of patch notes and PTS.

    First, "all" is not well, although there were lots of problems before the patch so "all" was wasn't well before. Things are "ok" with some aspects being improved and some getting worse, same as always, if we are going to take that 10,000 foot view. And of course if the changes were game breaking to some people those aren't the players still logging in and saying they like the patch. Those folks are now leaving or gone. It isn't likely we will ever see a single, mass exodus crash and burn of the game. It is more like a slowly dripping faucet that erodes over time.

    Second, with regards to the Chicken Little reference, even posed as-is referring more to WoW, it is not really accurate to hint that all the detractors were screaming that the sky was falling. Really more we were pointing out that it is slowly turning a boring, monochromatic gray... especially for the PvE healing role.
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